You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - standard package of documents;
  • - the pension certificate;
  • address and opening hours of the district FMS.
Refer to the website of the Federal Migration service of the Russian Federation: If the pensioner is a citizen of the Russian Federation, click on the section "documents". Visvedevas on the page, on the left, look for sign "passport".
Read the information about the two types of passports that are offered today. They have different expiration dates (5 and 10 years) and payable duty is the same for all territory of Russia, 1000 and 2500 rubles, respectively (it is absent only for residents of the Kaliningrad region). Decide which passport will be issued.
Please note the list of documents required when applying for registration of a foreign passport. It is the same for both types of passports. The pensioner must provide the original employment record book and pension certificate (copy and original).
Fill the application in two ways. First - on the website of public services Don't waste time searching by category. Scroll down the page, in the right column, note the "Popular services". Select "Getting a passportas a Russian citizen who has attained the age of 18 years".
Download the template "application form-the application for issuance of passport" or open it with Adobe Acrobat. Complete the applicationcarefully answering all questions.
Information on the work point over the last 10 years. The item puts many to a standstill, and you just need to be more careful. If the pensionable service of a person exceeds or is equal to the this number, then mark the place of residence of the citizen during this time. I.e. write time period, indicate: "not worked" in the address – address, in the position of "retired".
In the case of the recent retirement fill in the questionnaire all of the jobs over the previous 10 years. If during this time was the work breaks (even short term), specify the address which was. Last date – year retirement present.
Also the template may be obtained directly from the local UFMS. Fill it in by hand, printed letters, be sure black ink. In the window, where the issue of the questionnaire, you will be able to obtain a consultation on all issues.