You will need
  • The plan of the master class, the materials that you will need for assignments.
The master class is not an ordinary lesson, namely the demonstration of any skills that you have developed perfectly. It is not enough just to talk about a particular technology, it is important to show how it is used, and to give students the opportunity to try it out. As a rule, each master classand have a certain theme. If you need lessons on hand-made, the subject of a separate lessonbut could be, for example "Bag from old jeans with their hands", etc.
Try to collect on your master classe Tu an audience that will really be interested in what you are doing. This is not a normal school or a high school lessonon which you are required to attend all this event is for interested people who want to learn and improve skills. Incidentally, this is also a very important point – you must understand what you will do during the lesson much better than the audience, you have to tell them your experience. However, in a master classe, as in any other lessone, should act on the pedagogical principle of affordability – not worth the unprepared audience to give a too complex task. The purpose of the lessonand this type is not only to share experience but also to give the man to understand that he can do what has never been done before.
Be sure to plan the lessonand, especially if you are very limited in time. A master class involves the supply of large quantities of new information in a short time.
If a master class implies the use of some consumables, then think for yourself will you be able to provide them to the students, or do they have something to bring. If the lesson fee, cost of materials can be included in the price. Often hosts charity or just free master classs, the latter, for example, can serve as a good publicity move.
A master class should not contain a large number of theories – this is a demonstration of the skills to teach them to others. However, some theoretical introduction, too. The ratio of theory and demonstration should be about 1/5.
If you have the chance, then watch the students perform the task, prompt them, help them.
At the end of the master classand be sure to leave some time for reflection let the participants share their experiences, tell what they liked and what is not, what is the most useful experience they have acquired.