Consider carefully the subject of the blog and its target orientation. The title should be catchy, bright and reflective in the best way the topic of the blog. Your readers should instantly name to print in memory, which means that it should not be too complicated and it should not be unfamiliar words. However, it should be unusual and original.
Also the title should take into account at least one keyword for further promotion in the network and SEO is to promote a stable inflow of audience, steady traffic and decent rankings in the search engines.
Try to come up with a name that is unique among your competitors theme. It must be fresh and not worn by numerous webmasters. Spend monitoring the blogs of your competitors, watch their names and titles are to know precisely what phrases you should not repeat in the name of the blog, and any ideas you can win.
In addition, it is desirable that the name of the blog somehow corresponded to its domain name – so readers and advertisers will be easier to remember the name of the blog, because to remember a completely different URLs and titles no one wants. Find out free domain name that you like – this must match the selected name.
If you, as a person, have a certain influence in the circle of your target audience, you can try to name the blog by its name. Typically, these names are the blogs belonging to influential people, whose name speaks for itself and needs no additional headers.
Don't forget to complete the blog title in User Info in a short but succinct information on what topics are covered in the blog.