Advice 1: How to change start page

Starting once again your Internet browser, you suddenly find that your favorite start page mysteriously changed to unfamiliar website. To change the initial page, you need to perform a few simple actions.

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As every Internet user prefers to use for surfing the web favorite Internet browser, you should know how to change the start page in all popular browsers.
If you use Internet Explorer
At the top of the window, select the menu item "Service" and go to "Internet options". In the opened window in front of you, click on the "General" tab, where the tab "Home page" into the empty field you should enter the address of the page to display it as a starter, for example Click "OK" and your homepage has been changed successfully.
If you use Mozilla Firefox
At the top of the browser window, select the menu item "Tools" and go to "Settings". You will see a settings box. You need to open the tab "Basic", where the "on Startup" section you will see a window that says "Home page". Enter in this box the address of the website that you wish to see on the home page, for example: Now click "OK" and your homepage will be changed.
If you use Opera
In the upper left corner click on "Menu" in the drop-down list, select "Settings" and click "General settings". A window will appear with the main browser settings. Selecting the Basic tab, in the window that says "Home" enter the address of the desired website to the start page, for example: Press "OK". Now your home page is changed.
If you use Google Chrome
In the upper right corner click on the wrench icon, which will give the drop-down menu where you need to click on "Settings". In the resulting window, select the Basic tab, where the tab "Home page" you should put a tick near the word "Open this page" and appeared in the next field enter the desired address for the start page, for example: Clicking the "Close" button you save your settings.
In some versions of web browsers may be minor changes in names and locations of certain buttons and labels.

Advice 2 : How to change start page on Mozilla?

Mozilla Firefox browser, which has earned its fame due to its safety and, above all, the flexibility of the settings. The program has a large number of parameters, with which you can set any of the display settings of resources and behavior in the opening pages of the Internet.
How to change start page on Mozilla?
This is an application for viewing web pages was first released in 2004. The program got its name in honor of a wild animal, a small Panda, which in English is called firefox. It is noteworthy that the second part of the name of the company Mozilla, which developed the product, the logo is written in small letters (mozilla).

Setting start page of your browser

Change or set the start page is in the browser settings, which are in a separate section of the program menu. To access them, open the program using the shortcut on the desktop or the corresponding item in the menu "start". Launch Explorer.

Here you will see a window, which can be divided into 3 parts. In the Central part displays the contents of the sites. When you start your browser you can choose to display the start page of Firefox or choose a different resource on the Internet, which will be called "Home", i.e. starting immediately after clicking on the shortcut browser on the system. In the upper left of the program window is a button to Firefox which allows you to access the browser settings.
Located below the address bar, which is used to enter the address of the website.

To change the homepage, click the Firefox button and select "Settings". Click on this line. The screen will appear a window where you can configure all the necessary settings of the browser. Go to the tab "General". In the "Run" configuring the page display when you run the program. In the line "When Firefox starts" drop-down list, select "Show my home page". In the line "homepage" type the website address you want to go directly after the opening of the application window.

You can also set a specific page as your home automatically, without typing the website address manually. To do this, go to the website that you would like to start taking advantage of your browser's address bar. Then again go to "Settings" - "General" and click "Use current page". Then when you start Firefox will load the website, now you have open in the browser.

Using the settings it also has the ability to import your home page from bookmarks. To do this, click the "Use" tab in the settings window and select the site that you have saved under "Bookmarks". The button "Restore default" will return the start page of Firefox as home.

Other program options

You can edit if you wish other settings Mozilla. For example, in the section "Tabs" you can change the browser behavior when opening multiple sites in one window. In the options Content tab to change the display language for the pages and the font used to render elements of the website. The Apps section is responsible for adjusting the plug-ins, and "Privacy" contains information about the preservation of history in the browser and other data about the pages visited, which can supply the resources.
To save these settings home page and selected values in other sections, click OK and restart the program to apply all changes.

In the section "Protection" will allow you to lock the browser and set a password to access it. "Sync" will let you select the program settings via connection to another computer. In the section "More" you can view network settings, and other settings for displaying text.

Advice 3 : How to change the avatar Vkontakte

Our mood changes frequently and depending on him each of us is inclined to change his avatar in a social network "Vkontakte . This can be done quite quickly, and even two.
How to change the avatar Vkontakte
Visit your profile. Directly under your photo (avatar) is a list of options. The second option – "change photo". Click on it with the left mouse button once and you will see a list of options for adjusting photos. Select "upload new" and click once with the left mouse button. You see a window to upload photos.
Clicking the "browse" button, you will get the opportunity in the new window that opens to select the photo from your computer. Once a new avatar is selected – click on it then click "open". You get the window "edit a small copy". With it, select the image to be presented on the reduced copy of your avatar in the friends list, discussions, and more. To do this, drag the square box on the picture. Then click "save" and your page will update the main photo.
You can update your avatar in a different way, using pictures uploaded to your albums. Go to your photo albums (or found in the column to the left of the avatars link "my photos", or finding "my albums" under friends list). Select the desired photo album and then the photo.
Lower right under the image in the list of options find "to put on my page". Click on it once. On pictures added frame editing which you select the desired area of the photo that will become your avatar. To do this, move the squares in the corners and on the edges of the frame, clicking on them left mouse button.
After editing, click on the top right of pictures "done" button, and open your page with a new main picture. Otherwise, click "cancel" if the chosen image is something you are not satisfied.
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