You will need
    • Meat soup with beets:
    • meat – 500 g;
    • cabbage – 400 g;
    • potatoes – 400 g;
    • beetroot – 250 g;
    • tomato puree – 2 tbsp;
    • sour cream – 0,5 article;
    • carrots – 1 piece;
    • onion – 1 piece;
    • pork fat – 20 g;
    • Bay leaf – 2 PCs;
    • black pepper – 2 peas;
    • vegetable oil;
    • salt.
    • Lenten borscht with beets:
    • beets – 2 pieces;
    • cabbage – 200 g;
    • potatoes – 250 g;
    • carrots – 1 piece;
    • onion – 1 piece;
    • tomato puree – 1 tbsp;
    • water – 1.5 l;
    • salt.
Meat soup with beetsRinse the meat, slice it into pieces and cover with cold water, put the saucepan on a high heat. Bring water to boil and make a smaller fire, throw into the pot a Bay leaf, salt and cook the broth for hours.
Cut into strips peeled beets, saute it with tomato puree in a small amount of vegetable oil. Separately fry chopped onions and carrots.
Peel the potatoes and cut it into large cubes, finely shred the cabbage. Put the potatoes and cabbage in the broth after 10 minutes, attach to them stewed beet and onions with carrots. Simmer the soup until then, until you are ready to cabbage and potatoes.
Season the finished soup with bacon, bring to a boil, turn off the heat and allow to steep for 15-20 minutes.
Pour the soup with the beets on the plates, put sour cream into each and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.
Lenten borscht with beetsCut potatoes into cubes, beets and carrots cut into two parts. Put the roots in boiling water and cook until tender. When the broth for the soupand is cooked, remove the beets and carrots, and put shredded cabbage.
Grate the cooled carrots and beets on a coarse grater, onion finely macrosite. In vegetable oil lightly sauté the carrots and onions, add tomato puree. Send the browned vegetables to the pan with the broth.
Add the beets to the soupwhen the cabbage is almost ready, add salt, then simmer the soup for another 10 minutes. The finished dish can be served with garlic croutons. To cook pieces of black bread and fry until crust and RUB both sides with garlic.