Find out whether your institutions accounts payable debt. Inventory of property settlements and financial liabilities. Contact your supervisor to ensure that he has approved the composition of the Commission. Check:- the correctness of the calculations with the credit organisations, financial and tax authorities;- the correctness of calculations with off-budget funds;- correctness of calculations with units of enterprises and other state organizations;- the reliability and validity listed on the balance sheet the amounts owed for the theft and shortages.
Find out whether you have grounds for writing off accounts payable. They can be:- agreement of the parties;- the replacement of its other obligations;- the offset of counter homogeneous requirements;- circumstances beyond the control of the parties (the publication of the new act of the Agency or the liquidation of the legal entity-creditor);- the expiry of the limitation period.
Make the act of cancellation on the basis of the received after verification of all data calculations (form INV-17). Specify in this document, the total amount of debt. The act must be agreed with the chief accountant and the Director of the institution.
Write off the debt on the basis of another order of the head. Reflect this transaction in the account 401 01 173 ("Extraordinary income from operations with assets"). Complete your accounting certificate (form 0504833). Reflect the following transactions:Debit XX 302 830 - Credit 401 01 173, where XX is the sub-accounts of the synthetic account.For example, if your institution has a creditor , the debt for communication services, and is grounds for cancellation, it will issue accounting certificate:the Debit 04 302 830 - Credit 401 01 173 where 04 is a sub-account on payment of communication services.
In respect of amounts not confirmed due to the expiration of the limitation period, make an entry in the debit Memorandum accounts 20 ("written off the debt, not claimed by creditors"). Produce analytical accounting with the introduction of budget classification codes account for 20 per card (form 0504051).