You will need
  • Form 3-NDFL; the documents confirming payment of tuition and the fact of learning; 2-pit; the documents confirming the relationship are optional.
Gather your documents (in case of impossibility of obtaining original copies), confirming your training in the educational institution and its status. These documents include: contract with educational institution; the latest license for educational activity (if in the contract there is no details of a licence) or another document confirming the status of the institution. If the document on the status of the institution of the taxpayer on hand there, he may not submit such document to the tax authority - this obligation is not spelled out in the law and the information the tax authorities can obtain on their own.
Collect the documents confirming the size and payment for training. The tax code does not establish a specific list of such documents, it may be a receipt of credit cash orders, checks, CCPS, payment orders, Bank statements and so on. In this memo, intended for internal Bank transactions confirming the payment document is not. Payment documents must be issued to the person who claims the deduction.
If you pay your own training, and statutory relative/ward, you will need documents confirming the kinship/foster care as well as information on education full-time (if the form of education is not spelled out in the contract).
Take from his employer a certificate of income on form 2-NDFL. Strictly speaking, you are not required to provide it, as well as the document confirming the status of educational institutions. But if you want to settle for a less fast and bloodless, it is better to sort out the references than gleaning.
Complete the tax Declaration under the form 3-NDFL. The calculation of social tax deductions is dedicated to sheet G2. If you pay for the education of children, enter the payment amount in row 1.2; if the training themselves or brother/sister - then you need the string 2.1. Don't forget to calculate the totals. Do not assume that you will reimburse the cost of tuition - they only deduct from the taxable amount. In this case we are talking only about the amount of income taxable at 13%. If such income in the current period you have not had, no deductions you get.
Submit along with the Declaration and the application documents for tax refund (drawn up in free form, indicating your contacts and the account details for the crediting of refund amount) and cover letter with list of documents to be submitted. The text of the letter about the following: "In order to receive social tax deduction in accordance with the provisions of the PP. 1 clause 1, clause 2, article 219 of the tax code of the Russian Federation present the Declaration under the form 3-NDFL and the documents confirming the right to the specified deduction: ... . Date and signature".