You will need
  • 1. LEDs
  • 2. soldering iron and all that is needed to work with it
  • 3. resistors that will reduce voltage and amperage from a power source
  • 4. connectors required to connect LEDs to PC
  • 5. tester to check the voltage
  • 6. wire cutters to strip wires
  • 7. heat shrink tube
Before you begin, make sure that you have all the necessary tools and devices for work.
Connection connector 4-pin molex.First, let's see how to connect the led connector to the 4-pin molex. This is a fairly common connector in the computer, so it is quite possible that your computer it is. This connector contains four contacts:1. +12V (yellow wire)
2. +5 V (red wire)
3. Two ground (black)Choose where you want to connect the diodes to 12 or 5 volts. Connector acquire or remove old unwanted devices. Tester check if the selected contacts, identify where the diode is positive, and where negative contacts.
Wire strip pliers, solder the resistor to the positive pin of the connector. Connection close shrinking. To the second contact of the resistor solder the positive contact of the led. Close the soldering heat-shrink tubing. Take the negative terminal of the led and solder it to terminal "earth" connector.
Connect the led to the power and check if it works.
Connection cable USBМожно to connect the led to the cable with a USB connector. Such cables have two types, but the fundamental difference in the course of the work they have, so find any unnecessary cable and proceed.USB cable is four pins, two of which transmit data one contact is ground, and one transfers the stress. That's up to him then you need to connect the led. Tester check the voltage and determine the positive and negative pole of the diode.With wire cutters, strip the wires that transmit voltage. Solder the resistor to the positive terminal, place spikes, close shrinking. To the second contact of the resistor attach the positive contact of the led and cover the spikes. The negative terminal of the diode solder to the terminal "earth", cover the spikes are shrinking. Connect the USB cable to the computer and check if it works.