To give the dish a special color, taste and aroma requires quite a bit of saffron. So it is not used like other herbs, adding a pinch or measuring teaspoons. From saffron, make an infusion. Enough to soak 1 g of spice in 150 g of hot water or milk for 30-60 minutes, and you can use it without any fear to exceed the dosage and get a very bitter dish. Dry saffron quickly loses its aroma so it's best to store it in the form of alcoholic tinctures. For making it take about 10 g of spice per 100 ml of ethanol and kept for at least 12 hours. Also alcohol tincture diluted in warm liquid. In soups and broths add 3-5 drops to 1 liter. Powder saffron does not need to breed, but use it with extreme caution.
Saffron doesn't go well with many spices, interrupting their taste and aroma, but the spices with which it harmonizes. This is cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, turmeric and chilli. Saffron is widely used in Arab, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine is especially good with rice and seafood. Good bribes or Spanish paella is unthinkable without saffron. Put it in a pilaf, risotto and rice puddings.
Saffron is a favorite spice confectioners. Baking gives it a beautiful Golden color, so it is kneaded into the dough when baking muffins, breads, pies, cookies. In Easter cakes always added a little saffron for flavour and beauty.
Use saffron in the preparation of tinctures, liquors, love this spice butter - and cheesemakers. In hot dishes, this spice is added for a few minutes until cooked, but baking when mixing the dough. Also during cooking, put it in cheese, butter and spirits.
If you add a little saffron in the vinegar, put to it the garlic and thyme, you get a bright and flavorful salad dressing. Saffron put in sweet black tea, this drink is called Kashmir. It reduces blood pressure, eases pain during menstruation, an appetite. Saffron dishes are not recommended for pregnant women because it can cause uterine bleeding and lead to abortion.