For free create your own website Google the phrase "create free website" and you will get a lot of relevant references. One of the best resources of this kind is the service of Ucoz: You will not have to register a domain for creating a website is enough to fill a simple form and choose a name for your resource. When filling out the form you will be prompted for real name, you can enter any - nobody checks.
After registration of the website you can choose his appearance, includes dozens of options. The fee for website creation is the placement on it of advertising sponsors. In particular, a rather annoying popup on every page. It can be disabled for a fee of about 100 rubles a month. The service itself is highly reliable. To hack your website when you observe basic rules of safety will be almost impossible. You can register as a website and forum, chat, guestbook, etc. the Service has a very flexible settings, you can customize the appearance of the resource at its discretion.
In that case, if you only want the forum, please note for the existing first year service Borda: With its help you can easily create a forum, other than a good job and no hype. Static banner at the top or bottom of the page (your choice) is quite small and does not prevent the reading materials of the forum. The service is highly reliable, it is possible to create closed threads.
If you need a website for your business, a good solution would be service UMI: You can choose the design of the website, customize your website according to your wishes. Free sites have limitations – in particular, their size is limited to 100 megabytes. If necessary, you can choose a paid option.
In a lot of online services that offer free to create a website. But before to register such website, you should understand the difference between paid resources and free. It is not only that in first case you will have to pay. Imagine you registered a free website and "promote" him, he became very popular. But really you don't own it, so any conflict with the administration of the service may result in the closure of your website. That is, all your efforts will be lost. Keep in mind that you will be tightly bound to a single service, so how to transfer this site to another hosting almost impossible.
When you create a serious project better to register a domain name, it will cost you 100 rubles, and will require several minutes of time. Then find the hosting, it would cost about 30-50 rubles per month. Then create your own website using the program Dreamweaver, using ready-made free templates online, a lot of them. You waste time and effort, but will be totally independent from anyone. Your resource will belong only to you. In this case, you will always be able to migrate it to another hosting.