Secure the device so it does not interfere with the review. The device is equipped with an integral holder suction Cup, it can be used to change the position of Navigator in three planes.
Food Explay two ways: from an external source, and from its own battery. The device can operate without recharging for up to two hours. Charging is from the mains or the car cigarette lighter, the car must be opened before connecting to the charging device. If your planned trip will be more than two hours, connect your device to your car cigarette lighter using the supplied cable.
To switch on your device press and hold the button on/off. It is also necessary to act and to switch the device off.
Before driving, adjust the route. As used the navigation system "Navitel Navigator", but realized the possibility of up to three navigation systems. To specify a point on the map is quite simple, all the names are entered from the keyboard with the stylus. The system will automatically calculate a route and display it on the map.
The information displayed on the display, always accompanied by voice prompts, which allows not to be distracted from the road. In addition, Explay Navigator can be used to view photos and video, as audio player and also supports electronic books.
The device has built-in memory, but its better use for storing system data. For storage and playback of your files (music, videos, photos and texts) it is better to use a memory card format microSD. To simplify the process of sharing files between your computer and Navigator kit comes with a USB cable.