You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • photography;
  • - logo file.
Open the file with the photo and logo in Photoshop in any familiar way for you: the Open command from the File menu, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+O or dragging the desired files into the program window.

Drag the logo image on the photo using the Move tool. The same result you get if you select the logo with Ctrl+A or command All from the menu Select copy the Copy command from the Edit menu and paste over the picture with the command Paste from the edit menu.
Can add logo, without opening the logo file in a separate window. Use this command Place the File menu. Double click on the file icon with the logo in the window.
Adjust the size of the logo. If you put his team in Place, around the image frame is free transformation by pulling the edges or corners of which you can change the size and tilt of the image. Transforming logo, press Enter.
If you dragged or copied the logo of the open file, resize the Scale command from the Edit menu. In this case, the transformation is applied by pressing the Enter key.
Most often, the logos applied to the image to download online, are stored in files with a transparent background. If your logo somehow turned to white or any other solid background, remove the background. To do this, click on the background of the logo with the Magic Wand tool, put in the box to the Tolerance value to 1. Delete the highlighted background by pressing Delete.
If you want to make the logo semi-transparent. To do this in the layers palette, enter a new value for Opacity. Can lower this value using the controller, which is opened by clicking the arrow to the right of the field with the parameter value.
Keep the layers command Flatten Image from the Layer menu. If the photo is suitable for upload to the Internet, save the file with the command Save for Web from the File menu.