You will need
  • - any shampoo.
Many women believe that it is impossible too often to wash the head. But it is misleading. This procedure for any type of hair is appropriate at least once in two days. It's completely harmless. If the hair is too quickly salted, wash the head at least every day. Most importantly - buy only soft modern detergents.
Select a shampoo appropriate for your hair type, rinse them well after washing, do not RUB, do not pull and do not twist the hair.
Before you wash your headvigorously and carefully comb the hair. This way you stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, allowing to saturate the roots with nutrients in large quantity. In addition, with a brush removes all the dirt, dandruff and residues of styling products. Also brushing before you shower will help hair not to get lost in the wash.
If you have dry or colored hair, before washing massage scalp for 10 minutes. Follow the circular movements, moving the skin. While massage into the skin sunflower, burdock, castor, linseed or hemp oil. After washing of the hair, RUB in wet strands a little special liquid oil. Surplus funds will, remove it with dry towel.
Adjust the temperature of the water used to wash the head. It should not be too hot. Warm water dissolves sebum, removes dirt, improves blood circulation to the scalp. And too hot water leach the hair and activates the sebaceous glands.
At the end of washing, rinse the head with cold water. This will give your locks a healthy, natural and beautiful Shine, and the scalp are guaranteed to improved blood circulation.
Do not apply shampoo directly on your hair because it is poorly distributed between the strands. The right amount of detergent dilute with a little water and wash it with a solution of hair.