Advice 1: How to convert ISO file

ISO file is a virtual image of an optical disk. This kind of file is mainly used for recording on discs, to continue to work with them in the system without using the actuator.
How to convert ISO file
You will need
  • computer;
  • program Active ISO File Manager.
To convert ISO image developed special programs. One of them is Active ISO File Manager. Run the program on your computer. She has an intuitive user interface. As practice shows, this software is often found on the installation disks of the operating system.
In the upper part of the opened application, tick the corresponding field the path to the ISO file by clicking the left mouse button on the button with three dots. Click on the "Add" button. Next, select the location of the file you want to convert. Immediately after the image selection the program offers you to record it to disk. To do this, select the drive, writing speed and click BURN ISO. You can also add files by transfer, that is, in the program field to move the files you want to record.
To convert the contents of the ISO file to a normal folder on your hard drive, specify the path to unpack the third part of the program window by clicking on the button with three dots. After you click unzip click EXTRACT ISO to start the process. You will need to wait some time until the program is fully copy all of the data. The time depends on the power of your computer.
At the bottom of the program window, you can generate an ISO image from any number of files listed in the selected folder and in the list below. The procedure of forming the image will be visually presented in the form of the indicator is gradually filling the green band.
If you put in the ISO standard set of files without installation of components, then the disk will be written in plain files, that is, to continue to run from the console the disc will not work. The ISO images you need to create a bootable disc with test programs or installation disk of the operating system.

Advice 2: How to convert the files

Pdf is one of the most popular formats for saving documents. Unfortunately, it is not possible in the future work "pull" of the record necessary information. If you often encounter this, then you are very useful program that allows you to convert a document to pdf a document in word format (. doc) format, easy to edit text. One of these programs-assistants ABBYY PDF Transformer.
ABBYY PDF Transformer - simple and convenient program
You will need
  • ABBYY PDF Transformer is a simple program that converts PDF files to popular, easy to edit formats Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML and TXT.
  • In order to transform the pdf document into the document format you'll need to download and install on your computer ABBYY PDF Transformer.
After you have downloaded and installed the program to your computer, start it. In the future, the ABBYY PDF Transformer wizard will help you in your work.

So, run the wizard – choose the PDF file you want to convert.
Then select the format you want to convert the selected PDF file.
In the next step you have the option to specify additional parameters of the document that you want to get the output.

For example, you can change it or the location, or resolution options and image.
Thus, all the parameters are set and the program started to process the file. All this work on the conversion of file is completed.
Free demo version of the program enables to process only 15 documents.
Useful advice
If the source file contains images or tables, or other graphic image, the image conversion can take quite some time. But, but, the result will be very good.

Advice 3: How to run iso without a disc

The image disk is a special type of archive that contains not only files, but also accurate information about their location on disk. For storing images of CD and DVD disks often use a file with the extension ISO, as they still correspond to the file system used on optical media to ISO 9660. To use an image from the. ISO file do not have to transfer the information to disk - you can use emulator which will force the OS to believe that this image is a real optical disk.
How to run iso without a disc
You will need
  • Program Daemon Tools Lite
Select any of the programs, simulates a CD/DVD drive. A lot of them can be found on the Internet. For example, it may be Alcohol 120%, Ultra ISO, PowerISO and other. The following is the sequence of actions when using the program Daemon Tools Lite - it's free, has Russian interface and capabilities, which is more than enough to run the disk images.
Download, install and run the program, and then click right-click its icon in the notification area of the taskbar ("tray"). This will open a context menu where you can select mount options for the disk image.
Go to "Virtual CD/DVD-ROM" in the context menu and then expand only one item ("Installing drives"). Select in the list the string "1 drive" - emulation of a single CD drive or DVD drive is enough to work with one ISO file. If necessary, this version can simultaneously simulate up to four drives and support the work of the four disk images.
Click the Daemon Tools icon in the system tray, right-click once disappear from the screen panel with the inscription "Updating virtual images". In the context menu again, expand the "Virtual CD/DVD-ROM" and move the cursor on the appearing there is a line that starts with "Drive 0". In the popup list of operations, click "Mount image" and the program will open the search dialog box and open the file.
Locate the ISO file and click "Open". It will mount its disk image to your virtual reader and after some seconds it will be used by the operating system in the same way as a regular disk. Except that the OS will find and activate the autorun program on the disk, it will be available in Windows Explorer as one of external storage media.
You need to download the archive, unpack it and use. How to work with the program I will discuss below. After unpacking, locate the file UltraISO.exe and run it. You owe yourself to see this window. In order to open the file in iso format, click: "File —> Open" and select the file you want to open. Congratulations, you failed, now unable to copy files that were stored in the iso file.
Useful advice
Downloaded some lesson or course with the Internet and don't know how to start .ISO file? For .ISO file you need a special program, one of these — DAEMON TOOLS LITE for personal use it is free (when you install, select "Free").

Advice 4: How to create a file format ico

The. ico file extension is a format for storing icons in Microsoft Windows. This format also supports images with the extension JPEG and PNG.
The popularity of Windows has led to the importance of creating the iso file format.

The use of the ico format

All the icons of different applications in Windows, irrespective of version, have the extension ICO (icon). In addition, this format is used for favicons, icons, websites that are visible in the browser address bar directly before the URL or in the search results. When creating your own graphics as icons, cursors, icons, or use this as a ready-made graphical elements, there is a need to save in ico format.
Icons (icons) - raster image of square format and of certain standard sizes.

How to create ico file format

1. The use of specialized software or online services for creating icons. Of the most famous and popular programs, you can highlight IcoFX. It is a small size application has good functionality for editing and drawing icons from scratch and save to icons (ico).

2. The use of Photoshop (photoshop). The program itself has no option to save files in ico. However, there are third party plugins that allows user to save graphics in this format, and to convert ico files with different extensions: png, jpeg, etc.
The plugin is designed to expand the capabilities of the program or the possibility of its use at all.

3. Use online converters to change the graphic file extension to. ico format. Such resources, having similar functionality and capabilities, the network quite a lot.

The extension ico in Adobe Photoshop

Of greatest interest is the creation of graphics with the. ico file extension in photoshop. This software company Adobe has rich possibilities and no limits to the imagination when creating your own graphics. So you should know how to do it.

Depending on the version of Photoshop installed on a PC system (32 or 64 bits), you need to install the plugin ICOFormat. It must be placed in the directory with the plugins. This is usually: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\plugins\File Formats. Then run photoshop. Further, if you want to save a graphic in ico format, click the menu item "File" and Save as (save as). In the drop-down list, select the ico format. It should be noted that the maximum image size may not exceed 256 x 256 pixels.

Using various described techniques, virtually any graphic image to convert file ico format or to create from scratch graphics in this format.

Advice 5: How to translate a. doc file in .pdf

A PDF (Portable Document Format) was developed by Adobe Systems and three years ago was its property. This meant that other companies do not have the right to distribute your software products with tools for editing documents in this format without purchasing the appropriate rights from Adobe Systems. However, since mid-2008, PDF became an open standard, which greatly increased the variety of ways to convert documents into this format.
How to translate a. doc file in .pdf
You will need
  • Word processor Microsoft Office Word 2007/2010 or Internet access.
Take, for example, the text processor Microsoft Office Word to convert "native" for it files with the extension. doc to a pdf. The last two versions of this application (Word 2007 and 2010) issued with embedded functions saving documents in this standard - now it corresponds to the internal standard Adobe but international ISO 32000.
Start Word and load the document you want to convert. To invoke the file open dialog in this app you can use Ctrl + O or "Open" in the main menu of Word. This menu in Word 2007, reveals click large round button in the upper left corner of the window, and in Word 2010 instead approximately in the same location hosted the blue button labeled "File" that has the same purpose. By using a running dialogue find the right doc file, select it and click "Open".
Save the downloaded document is in pdf format. To do this, again open the main menu of the word processor and select Save as. In the field "file Name" you can change the source file name, if necessary. Open the drop-down list of "file Type" and select the row with the text PDF(*.pdf). As a result, the dialogue is added another section where you can choose one of two options for optimization of the document - it's about the same as the quality choice when saving the image. Click on the "Settings" button in the additional section offers a broader collection of settings of the document being saved. When everything is configured, click OK and the document will be saved in pdf format.
If you are not able to use versions of Word that support this format, you can convert using scripts of any online service offering such a service. Find them online easy - for example, this can be done on the sites or

Advice 6: What program to open a file with the extension dmg

The dmg file format contains a disk image created in Mac OS. Such files typically contain the installers of various programs or system image and distributed via the Internet. To open the filedmg in Windows, you must install one of the special programs.
The dmg format can be confusing
The most common applications to open or emulate the images of dmg are UltraISO, Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%, Nero Image Drive, Xilisoft ISO Burner. You can also convert dmg to iso format using programs like AnyToISO, DMG2IMG, and others.

How to work with dmg files using UltraISO

Run the program and the main window, use menu "File" — "Open". Or use hotkeys (Ctrl+O). In the resulting dialog box Open ISO file using the Windows Explorer, locate the folder containing the document. Double-click on its name and the image contents will be opened in the program window. Now you can work with him in the same way as any other folder on your hard drive.

To extract all files from the image uploaded in UltraISO, click "Actions" and select "Eject" from the drop down menu. Specify the folder in which to save the files and confirm the selection by pressing "OK". You can select an existing folder or create a new one. If you need to retrieve a specific file or click the right mouse button and from the context menu select "extract to...". Specify the destination folder.

To convert dmg file to other formats click on the "Tools". From the menu, select "Convert". Specify the image in dmg format and the folder in which to save the resulting file. Choose in which format you want to convert the document and click "Convert". In a few minutes you will receive a disk image in the desired format. The file can be converted in formats iso, isz (compressed iso) bin/gue (Bin), nrg (Nero), mdf/mds (Alcohol), img/ccd/sub (CloneCD).

After converting into iso you can mount the resulting image, go to the tab "Tools" and select "mount to virtual drive"

The Converter programs

Very easy to use, utility has several obvious advantages: when you convert will be saved all data, including boot sector. The program works with different formats (mdf, bin, nrg, deb, dmg, MDI many others. But there are drawbacks — if you are running Windows 7 the application does not understand the Cyrillic in names of files and folders.

To use the app even the most inexperienced user. It is only necessary to specify in the dialog box, the location of the source and converted file and wait for the end of the process.

Dmg files have a block structure, and inside they are often used compression and encryption. This makes it difficult to convert to other formats. Unlike many converters, the application DMG2IMG copes with the task and does not fail.

The utility works from the command line. To use it simply. In the menu "start" — "Run" you must type "cmd" without the quotes and enter the program name and the paths to the source and to the output file. Everything else will be done automatically. Likewise DMG2ISO Converter developed by the same author.

You will only need to record the image on a CD-ROM using apps like UltraISO, Nero Burning Rom. And mount image in virtual drive. This can be applied Alcohol 120%, Nero Image Drive, Daemon Tools and other.

Use the program Daemon Tools

A small, but powerful utility for working with disk images. Supports many different formats. Integrates into the Explorer context menu. The app can be used as a virtual drive. If you have installed the Daemon Tools, to emulate a disk image format dmg you need to click the right mouse button and from the appeared menu choose "Mount".


Utility has functionality and is useful for the users on the computer with both operating systems. The program integrates into the Explorer context menu and supports the ability to read/write compressed disk images-dmg. In addition to reading data from Mac devices is drives, you have the option while in the Windows environment, to work with HFS and HFS+ disks (copy, move, delete and rename files and folders), to search, to create images, burn them and more.
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