Go to the website, which is located at Download there SIS or SISX file with the application version X-Plore suitable to the cell phone of your model.
Read the terms of use of the program. It is between shareware and freeware. If desired, it can charge to register. But this procedure is unnecessary because of the application can be used constantly.
On a memory card in phone, copy the file by any suitable method (Bluetooth, IrDA, cable, card reader) into a folder labeled Others. If you choose a reader, don't forget to use the option menu "Remove card". This item is in the short menu that appears when you press the power key of the phone. Keep in mind that older devices may not be provided "hot" removing the memory card. Turn off the phone before removing the card.
Start the file Manager cell phone. This item is a submenu located in your main menu called "Tools". Here shows the contents of the internal memory cell. Press the right button on your phone – displays the contents of the memory card. Go to the folder called "Other". Similarly, the built-in Manager automatically renames when showing Others.
Find the SISX or SIS file software X-Plore. Choose the memory card as the installation location. Open the menu folder called "My apps". Look at the app X-Plore and run it.
Open the memory card files. After that go directly or extract to the desired folder the files you need. This way you can handle the archives in two formats: RAR and ZIP. Formats TGZ, TAR and GZ are not supported by the application X-Plore.