For cultivation in heated greenhouse seeds select shade-tolerant cucumber hybrids category F1: "manual", "marathon", "Northern lights", "Ladoga", "relay", "Olympics". In these circumstances, it is better to choose parthenocarpic varieties, the harvest of which is not dependent on bees pollinating. Note that this sort is very finicky. The yield may affect any stress that you may experience plants: temperature extremes, lack or excess moisture.
Under plastic cover temporary type and in the open ground can be grown hybrids as parthenocarpic and pollinated by bees. Among the latter, very popular with vegetable growers use varieties with female type of flowering: "true friends", "compass", "farmer", "captain", "Lord" and "Teremok". They are characterized by high yields and the simplicity. To increase episemos, podsafe them the seeds of varieties with men's type of flowering. Usually put them in bags with a selection of seeds and dyed in any color. This package will be drawn seed in the pink frame with the inscription "Painted seeds pollinator".
In the regions, where even in summer there is a risk of low temperatures, plant seeds and cold-resistant varieties adapted to low humidity environment. It is also a hybrid category F1: "balalaika", "Sultan", "trump card", "Desperado", "three tanker", "matryoshka", "Tom thumb".
Most varieties that are planted by the gardeners, refers to a summer-spring ecotype. They vary in hardiness. During this period, for open ground, click the shadow beam gherkins: "Chistye Prudy", "Marina grove", "hit of the season" or light grade: "the secret", "Moscow nights", "Arina", "whale".
To grow crops in the short term you can from the seeds of the varieties: "Amour", "alphabet", "Regina-plus", "bouquet". The main part of the harvest with them you will be able to collect in the first month of fruiting. In order to eat the pickles in the late summer and early autumn, select cold-hardy varieties, the fruiting period which is large enough: "Annie", "Sultan", "virent", "farmer".
Varieties of cucumbers vary in purpose. There is a universal cucumbers, lettuce, zasolochnye and for canning. Good for pickling the same, "Sultan", "Annie" and "farmer" and "grasshopper", "dragonfly", "Kozyrna Karta", "acorn", "ant". For salads wisata tekokare seed varieties with a rich sweet taste: "Bazaar", "Tamerlane", "Makar", "Bukhara", "cuckoo".