You will need
  • The text proposed in part C of the exam on the Russian language.
At least the essay part of the exam and is a creative assignment, it is evaluated according to quite strict criteria and must contain certain mandatory elements set out in a logical fixed order. In any case, to write to any element of the works you first need to carefully examine the proposed text. Read it carefully, better twice.
Try to formulate the topic and the issue of the proposed text. Very often students confuse these two concepts. In the most General sense, a theme is the main idea of the text constitute a complete judgment, and problem – specific difficulty, a contradiction which the author tries to resolve. For example, if you proposed the text how the plants in Chelyabinsk pollute the earth's atmosphere, the subject can be formulated as: "the adverse ecological situation on our planet". The problem in this case – "smokestack factories of Chelyabinsk, preventing the residents to breathe normally". Of course, this is a very sketchy example.
Once you formulate the problem, let a comment. In the comments tell me how this problem is relevant, important, whose interests it affects. If possible, provide historical context, in which there is this problem. If to speak about the example given above, it is possible, for example, to say that air pollution prevents to live to people ever since as the rapid development of the industry. Review must not contain the author's position and your opinion about this issue – this is an objective look at the situation. The opinion of the author and so – this is the other components of the composition.
For a competent review to the problem of text to a maximum of two balls. For a small factual error score can be reduced to one, and for lack of review the student will receive zero points under this criterion.