Your date should not begin with the words: "go Where?" Before the meeting you must develop a clear plan for this event. Girl needs to see you as a person that is not perplexing thoughts, how to entertain her, and that you are the man who knows how to have fun with a girl.
It is desirable that this date did not take place in a movie theater or at the stadium. This pastime will not help you to know the girl better. You should have enough time to socialize with each other.
Depending on the season you need to choose a place where you can be alone. It may be boating, and a picnic in the Park or the woods, seeing the sights, which are interesting to both of you, Cycling. You can look for something interesting in an antique shop or explore the city with the tallest buildings. Perhaps initially the girl will enthusiastically agree to do something, not quite familiar to her, but gradually it will please her. This strategy will likely be successful, since a large number of men do not know how to plan dates.
Allow the girl to talk about herself. Ask her questions about her childhood, even remember funny incidents from his life. Don't forget to tell something about myself. Let her see in you a man open and easy in communication. Give her compliments, admire her. And don't be afraid to make mistakes. She will see in you a man you can trust and be myself.
It is likely that your third meeting can be the last day of your Platonic relationships. If you want to continue the dialogue and translate it in a more intimate, on this date, you should know how your girlfriend belongs to sex. If it scares her, hold her, let her know that you are patient, she can make decisions. For it will be very important if you advance to worry about where you will be able together to spend time.
At the end of the date don't forget to thank a girl for a great time. But if you still say that you will think about is her, believe me, the next meeting will not take long.