Change of the founder - is a procedure to release the old party and the simultaneous entrance of the new. The change of membership means that part of share in the Charter capital of the old founder must move onto a new. The transfer of shares is a transaction which may be effected in the form of donation, sale.
There are several situations under which a change of the founder. The first is the organization of leaves 1 the founder, the other members remain. In this case, the party wishing to withdraw from the society, selling his share of the rest. He must submit a statement of withdrawal from the founders. Other members of the society to buy its share of the approved price. This issue is resolved at the General meeting. The application is submitted to the IRS at the place of registration on registration of any changes made.
The second new entry of the founder in the society. In this case, a new member writes a letter with a request to take it to the founders, indicates the share which he wants to receive in the share capital and the amount of their contribution. At the meeting the decision on increase of the Charter capital through the contribution of a third party. Data is recorded to the IRS, in connection with the change of the authorized capital and the founders.
The third new entry of the founder and the exit of the old. To do this you need to increase the share capital due to the contribution of new member companies, register changes, to distribute the shares of the exiting of the founder among the other participants and to register changes in documents.