Advice 1: How to seal cracks between floor and wall

When you repair one common problem – the seal gaps. This is especially true for private homes, as incorrectly closed cracks, for example, between the floor and the wall, can lead to the fact that from the basement will attract moisture and cold.
How to seal cracks between floor and wall
You will need
  • - polyurethane foam and gun;
  • - pieces of wood, foam, plastic, brick;
  • spray with water;
  • - caulking;
  • - moss, hemp or jute felt;
  • knife;
  • - hammer;
  • - putty;
  • - the plinth or decorative tires;
  • - fasteners or glue.
If the gap between the floor and wall is too big (from 1 to 8 cm) and from it draws the cold and damp, in front of the trim to close it with foam or caulk. A wide gap pre-fill some low-cost materials to reduce the consumption of foam, for example, wood, foam, plastic, brick.
Note that the foaming of cracks can be carried out at a temperature above +5ºC. Before working with foam wear gloves because of hands, it almost does not wash off. Shake the can well, shake it at least a minute.
Treat all surfaces with water - for this you can use a spray or spray from a plastic bottle (lid punch some holes with a nail).
Remove the cap, screw tube, invert the cylinder with the foam upside down and press on a special handrail. Zapenivanie the gap by one-third of the gap, because the foam will increase in 2-3 times. After the gap is closed, sbryznite it with water. If half an hour left of the gap, walk with a balloon again.
After 8-10 hours, the foam has dried, remove the excess with a knife.
If you decide to seal the cracks between the wall and floor with caulk, take a moss, a tow or jute felt. Note that the felt should be soaked in formalin to moles, and the moss should not crumble in your hands. In addition, you will need konopatka (spatula of wood or metal).
Roll the material into a roll, attach to crevices and gently hammer konopatkoy so it fits inside the village. To work more effectively use the hammer.
For sealing narrow cracks (less than 1 cm) you can use putty. Apply it with a spatula and gently smooth to ensure air tightness.
After the slit is sealed, get a trim. Depending on the interior of your room, pick decorative tyres, plastic or wooden baseboards. If you are not much concerned about the appearance of corners, screw the tires with screws, otherwise, purchase a sections, consisting of two parts. This will screw to the floor lower part and the upper just paste in the grooves and snap. Plastic skirting enough to put on a strong glue.

Advice 2: How to fix gaps between teeth

Many psychics say that the wide gap between the teeth can meet the person successful and strong, who will be able to achieve everything in your life. But whether things for him if he cannot afford to smile widely. Therefore, such a mark can not be sure to consider the gift of God, and man tries by all means to get rid of it.
How to fix gaps between teeth
Watch carefully for their teeth, follow hygiene requirements, and Treme (gap between teethor diastema (gap between teeth, which is located in the front) will not harm the health of your teeth.
Contact your dentist if the problem still occur. Familiar orthodontic method. Teeth wear braces or splints. They eventually move the teeth. This method is also used to eliminate the three that doctors suggest to treat in contrast to the diastemata. Treme externally are invisible, and pieces of food get stuck in them very strongly, and tooth brush so narrow cracks do not clean out.
Try orthopedic method or dentures veneers. This ceramic plate, completely covers any gap. They also help to correct such a disadvantage, as the darkening of the enamel. First, the surface of the tooth is carefully prepared. Polished it, foryouth and coated with a protective gel. The doctor then bonds the veneers. To resolve the problem, they are bigger than the slot and glued in a special solution. I choose the colour in line with other teeththat there was a feeling of naturalness. After the final installation of the veneers are cleaned from glue residue and polished. If you choose this type of restoration, it is necessary to carefully treat the new teeth, because when biting hard foods can break away thin veneers.
Apply composite restoration. This is the cheapest and fastest way. It lies in the fact that the enamel of the tooth is not worn down, and create micro-roughness on it where increasing the composite material. On each tooth this increase is about an hour. Composite material easy restaurerede, it is elastic, but less color-fast and durable compared to ceramic material.
Use surgical plastic bridles upper and lower lip. Broad frenulum is attached close to the neck of the teeth, can often cause an increase diastema. Plastic frenulum is a simple surgical procedure: an injection for anesthesia, the incision and a few stitches.
Can be done with the help of artificial crowns prosthetics. But this method is better used when there is any dental evidence. If the teeth are healthy and whole, then grind them for a crown is simply a barbarism.
Don't worry if the gap between the teeth came from children of younger school and preschool age. It is not a disease. This means that the jaw grows and the teeth were cut, not all. So maybe while milk teeth will not change the constant. If you have doubts, you can consult the orthodontist.

Advice 3: How to get rid of gaps between teeth

Smooth and beautiful dentition has not only aesthetic value is a measure of the physiological norms of the structure of the mouth. You need to understand in which cases the gap between teeth can be treated, and which may remain a peculiarity of appearance.
How to get rid of gaps between teeth
If the gap between the teeth was always
Most often, the diastema (that is, the gap between the front incisors) is hereditary. Rarely it is caused by bad habits (biting a pencil, etc.), a late change of primary teeth, partial edentulous (absence of one or group of teeth). If the rest of the bite of the patient is physiologically normal, the diastema is not an indication for treatment with braces. With smooth tooth row diastema in principle is not necessarily to eliminate.
For getting rid of diastemata and three (gaps between any teeth except the front incisors) are veneers - thin ceramic plates. We put on the surface of the teeth, veneers mask the gaps between and also cover the darkened enamel. Orthopedic method, however, has a significant disadvantage: for veneers, grind off a few millimeters of tooth enamel.
Unlike therapeutic method (or art restorations) to that natural enamel is fully preserved. The practitioner applies a special composite structure in those areas where it is necessary to increase the teeth.
If the gap between the teeth appeared in adulthood
Suddenly appearing diastema and Trema may indicate gum disease. The weakening of the gums to such an extent that the teeth are noticeably moving away from each other - an occasion to refer to the periodontist. First you need to defeat the cause of the cracks and then deal with the consequence, one of the scenarios described above.
The diastema in children
Children of preschool age, the presence of Shcherbinka between the front incisors is a physiological norm. In this case, the diastema suggests that the jaw of a child grows normally, but the teeth remain the same. The gap between the cutters will close itself when the temporary teeth are replaced by permanent. If the diastema does not disappear a few years after the molars, it is an occasion to address to the orthodontist. Until adolescence when such a problem apply a removable plate with 13-14 years, put braces.
Some stars, for example Madonna did not hesitate to the presence of diastema. The flaw did not put the pop icon to conquer the musical Olympus. So before you decide on an expensive treatment, think about the teeth if the reason of your dissatisfaction of their appearance?

Advice 4: Decorative jute rope for the interior

Original and unusual and will look to an interior in which to decorate walls, furniture or decorative items used jute rope. The natural jute fiber has high wear resistance, resistant to ultraviolet light and temperature extremes, it fits the design in combination with other natural materials.
Decorative jute rope for the interior

Jute rope in home decoration

Jute rope used in decorative interior finishing of wooden houses. They can put all mezhventsovyh joints on the walls or to make a kind of plinth. Buy the large spools of rope, because the expense will be rather big. For mounting use adhesive. First apply it on the edges of the joints, then push it to jute rope. When the glue is dry, finish trim, decorative carnations by driving at a distance of about 10 cm.
To the ends of the jute rope was not lochmelis and not dismissed, wrap them thick thread and abundantly impregnated with hot melt or lacquer.

Thick rope can make a partition in the room. On a wooden frame the size of the desired partition fasten pieces of rope, pulling them tight. Close the second frame. The contour can be decorated with outdoor plinth or make other cover, and you can just varnish the wood under the interior color.

Rope curtains made of jute

The original design of Windows and doorways in the room can not only curtains made of cloth, and from jute rope. For the manufacture of such curtains will fit a thin cord. Measure the distance from eaves to floor, add another 10-15 cm Cut the rope into segments by size. You will need a large number of workpieces.

Four or five segments of the string loose beads. Rough fabric and delicate beads in combination will contribute to the singularity of the curtains. From a piece of thick burlap or linen fabric cut a strip about 20 cm and a width equal to the future blind. Fold it in half and iron. Then again, expand the workpiece.

Put on one part of the entire length of the strip of double-sided adhesive nonwoven fabric. Then tightly to each other, lay on the sticky part of the chopped strands of natural fibers. Punctuated by their segments with beads. When ready, fold the billet and iron bar. Prostrochite it on the sewing machine, bending the edges inward, so as not crumbled. But you can't do if you put interlining on the edge.

Hang the curtain onto the ledge and jute rope trim along the length. The clips on these curtains can be hung not only on the side Windows, but in the center. Bundle multiple strands together in the middle of the window and secure their focal seizure.
To wash a curtain is to manually. Braid it into several braids, soak, and then rinse. Dissolve the braids, hang the curtain onto the ledge to dry.

Individual decoration interior

A simple and affordable way of decor – it is laying thick jute rope in an empty aquarium. Can be made as symmetrical curls and randomly positioning the rope.

Jute rope can be used as a mount for pictures and mirrors. Vases, bottles and candle holders, wrapped in natural fiber, original look in the interior.

Made of thick jute rope handles for cabinets, cupboards, various drawers. Drill in the door opening, which thickness is the same as the rope. Thread and tie it at the ends the nodes to handle firmly. If you do two holes, the ends of the rope print on the back side of the door and also tie knots.

Advice 5: How to fill in the cracks between the tiles

For sealing gaps between the tiles using a special grout or waterproof sealant. Qualitatively to make this work, you need to read tips from professionals. They will help to avoid mistakes.
Grout joints with a rubber spatula the most effective
During laying of the tiles between the tiles leaving a gap. This distance was the same everywhere, use the details in the form of crosses. Fin thickness which is chosen based on the desired width of the gap. For example, for tiles of large size will fit TIC with a thickness of 4-5 mm. To finish the kitchen and the bathroom most often made with the seam of 2-2. 5 mm.

They use to seal joints between tiles?

For this purpose there are special grout. They come in the form of a dry powder that must be diluted with water, and ready. You can buy a mixture of colors that is most suitable for drawing the shade of the tile. If the desired color on sale there, you can take the white grout and buy the desired color.

To get the desired shade, add a certain amount of dye and then mix it with dry powder.
It will take a rubber spatula in small size. It is most convenient to apply the putty composition to completely fill the gaps between the tiles. Some masters at small amounts of cost that is applied to the grout with an iron spatula, and they also aligned it. In this line of work requires the utmost caution not to damage or scratch the top layer of tiles.

How to seal the seams between the tiles?

If the tile is pasted for a long time, you must first remove the one that is poorly kept and behind the wall. Then the reverse side of the tile, protect the metal with a spatula, moistened with water, is applied to the adhesive and attach the tile to its original place. If the seams between the tiles cracked over time and crumble, these places need to be cleaned out using a stiff brush or spatula, then moisturize.

Then proceed to the application of grout. During operation, be aware that some spackling compounds tend to be drawn into the cracks as it dries. So sometimes you need to re-cover the seams. If the grout is prepared using colour, you need to take this into account and make the desired amount of the composition of one color, as when re-manufacture of mixtures there is a big risk not to guess the amount of colorant and the seams on the tile will turn out different in color.

In some cases, to seal the gaps between the tiles using a waterproof silicone sealant. The need arises when working in areas of high humidity: saunas, pools, baths. Apply sealant just need to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and try to hold it straight "nose" of the balloon relative to the seam. After the grout has dried, it remains removed with a damp cloth.

Advice 6: How to repair the hole in the ceiling

Repair - event responsible and is not fast. The most difficult thing perhaps is to prepare the working surface, namely, to align the walls, floor, ceiling, zashpatlevat, etc. However, removing old Wallpaper, you may find that in the ceiling there are no cracks and holes, and these holes. No need to panic. They can be repaired independently.
How to repair the hole in the ceiling
Before making cosmetic repairs (painting, gluing wall-paper), bring order to the surface of walls and ceilings. Fill cracks, holes. If there are cracks, you can use special filler for cracks - this is the finished product. It is applied to the cracks with a spatula, pressed and rubbed.
Narrow cracks can be filled with special putty for the hair, thin cracks. If it is necessary to seal a crack where incorporate different textures, such as plaster and wooden casing, then take the best filler is elastic. But remember to properly prepare the solution, follow the proportions and thoroughly mix.
If there are small holes can be repaired in the same way as cracks. Deep holes close up repair plaster. Sometimes use expanding foam. Once it hardens, the excess is cut off and zashlifovyvayut.
Repair of plaster, which is applied at shingles, is. Treat shingles with glue. Suitable even PVA glue. Fill defects with putty or filler for deep cracks. If there are defects on the shingles, remove the plaster, extending the repair area. Of plasterboard, cut a patch, attach it with screws. Check whether the patch flush with the repaired surface. The junction, apply the reinforcing tape, a spatula, apply a thin layer of putty. Then it is necessary that the filler has stiffened, and it will take about a day. This procedure repeat again and only then sand the bumps.
Some masters use for sealing cracks and holes in the ceiling such a solution: the carpenter's glue is added to tooth powder or powdered chalk, mixed thoroughly, until a thick mixture. It close up the holes, the remains remove with a knife.
To cover the gap in the ceiling between the plates is practically impossible. But this defect can be corrected as follows: on the seam, apply the white paint and the bandage. When it is dry paint. On a very large and deep holes nailed metal mesh, then this site is plastered.
Very durable water resistant putty is obtained from the "Bustilat". This glue is mixed with chalk, cement or gypsum.

Advice 7: How to seal the window slope

Slopes is an important part of the window. They mask Assembly joints and provide the window a long service life. So when you finish so you need to pay special attention to them. Initially you need to determine the material from which they are made.
How to seal the window slope
The easiest and cheapest method is the use of dry mixes. Traditionally, the slope can be made of conventional plaster. But this kind of decoration, you must first prepare the wall for application of material. If there are large cracks, you need to put on the wall layer solution, applying the special mixture. So for the best effect white slope, use a water-based mixture under plaster. To perform these works requires special tools. The escarpment, made from plaster mixtures, suitable for the external face of the window.
The slope of the plastic panel is much simpler. From a large panel the size of your slope-cut pieces for three sides of the window. Panel with special plastic strips attached to the window. Sidebar relative to the window set at an angle of 90-110 degrees. Each panel is attached to the wall, and the gap between the window and the old ditch is filled with foam. This gives additional insulation of the window. After the drying of the foam is necessary to remove the dried remains. The gap between the wall and the panel closed specially carved F-shaped rail, which must be tightly connected to the wall.
Slopes of plasterboard are similarly plastic. There are two mode of installation: prepared the panels can be installed directly on an existing profile, or glued to glue. Here the insulation is insulated with mineral wool. The plasterboard panel after Assembly must be primed with the subsequent painting. The angle was perfectly smooth, drywall angle glued to the putty paint steel area.Drywall is very sensitive to moisture, so when choosing you must consider the humidity of the room.
Useful advice
When sealing slopes of plasterboard need to remember that a continuous layer of glue applied is impossible, because dry they will be very long.

The slopes can be covered laminated film of white color, then they will not differ from the plastic.
Is the advice useful?