You will need
  • - polyurethane foam and gun;
  • - pieces of wood, foam, plastic, brick;
  • spray with water;
  • - caulking;
  • - moss, hemp or jute felt;
  • knife;
  • - hammer;
  • - putty;
  • - the plinth or decorative tires;
  • - fasteners or glue.
If the gap between the floor and wall is too big (from 1 to 8 cm) and from it draws the cold and damp, in front of the trim to close it with foam or caulk. A wide gap pre-fill some low-cost materials to reduce the consumption of foam, for example, wood, foam, plastic, brick.
Note that the foaming of cracks can be carried out at a temperature above +5ºC. Before working with foam wear gloves because of hands, it almost does not wash off. Shake the can well, shake it at least a minute.
Treat all surfaces with water - for this you can use a spray or spray from a plastic bottle (lid punch some holes with a nail).
Remove the cap, screw tube, invert the cylinder with the foam upside down and press on a special handrail. Zapenivanie the gap by one-third of the gap, because the foam will increase in 2-3 times. After the gap is closed, sbryznite it with water. If half an hour left of the gap, walk with a balloon again.
After 8-10 hours, the foam has dried, remove the excess with a knife.
If you decide to seal the cracks between the wall and floor with caulk, take a moss, a tow or jute felt. Note that the felt should be soaked in formalin to moles, and the moss should not crumble in your hands. In addition, you will need konopatka (spatula of wood or metal).
Roll the material into a roll, attach to crevices and gently hammer konopatkoy so it fits inside the village. To work more effectively use the hammer.
For sealing narrow cracks (less than 1 cm) you can use putty. Apply it with a spatula and gently smooth to ensure air tightness.
After the slit is sealed, get a trim. Depending on the interior of your room, pick decorative tyres, plastic or wooden baseboards. If you are not much concerned about the appearance of corners, screw the tires with screws, otherwise, purchase a sections, consisting of two parts. This will screw to the floor lower part and the upper just paste in the grooves and snap. Plastic skirting enough to put on a strong glue.