Use cosmetics to care for the skin, contains vitamin PP, vitamin C, vitamin K and ascorbic acid. These creams strengthen vein walls and have a good vasoconstrictor effect. Select cosmetics which is mountain Arnica, Ginkgo and Japanese flowers of the wild Myrtle.
Pay attention to your diet. Try not to eat too oily, spicy and heavy food. Eat more parsley, broccoli, citrus fruits, black currants, and buckwheat. Avoid foods and drinks that raise blood pressure (coffee, chocolate, etc.). Get rid of bad habits.
Use folk remedies getting rid of spider veins. Take a leaf of aloe and put it in the fridge for a few days. RUB the problem area of the face with a piece of aloe. Before that, it is advisable to clean the face with infusion of tea. Repeat this procedure every day for 2-3 weeks. Or you can use fresh aloe. Squeeze some juice of this plant and rubbed into the skin, paying particular attention to the locations of the vascular nets.
Take a little fresh parsley, boil it in half Cup of boiling water. After 15-20 minutes the infusion to brew. Strain it and let it cool. Then dilute it with an equal amount of milk. Extract obtained can make compresses, applying them for 30 minutes on a problem areas of the face. Typically, such a popular method helps quickly get rid of the vascular network.
If the above methods do not produce the desired result, then seek help to the experts: the beautician or surgeon. Photocoagulation and laser hardening will help quite quickly and efficiently get rid of vascular spider veins, without causing the person any pain. If the affected vessels > 1 mm wide, you will need special treatment – ozone therapy, which resulted in the dilated vessels is the injection of ozone.