You will need
  • - instruction for Assembly;
  • - screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • level;
  • - a hammer.
When buying a wall you will be prompted to use the services of a collector of furniture for a fee. You can save considerably if you decide to assemble the wall "Macarena" on their own. Make sure that the seller forgot to put in the packing instructions with diagrams.
Before assembling the wall "Macarena", prepare the workspace and tools. It is better to collect the furniture directly to the room where it will subsequently be. If necessary lay on the floor oil cloth or fabric.
Expand the package and place the details for each module: slides, pencil case, side open shelves, wardrobe, linen cupboard or a corner. Check all parts and accessories. Pay special attention to the glass shelves and doors, better take them to another room so as not to damage in the process.
Build wall "Macarena" with slides. Find the side, bottom and top of the housing. Connect them together with screws to make a frame. Install the countertop for the TV. Fasten the back wall, note the holes for the cords, they should be on top. Place the slide vertically and start to fill in small details.
Skomplektovat the bottom drawers, focusing on the circuit Assembly. Screw the handle. Fasten the rails on the drawers and frame. Install drawers, combining elements of the guides.
Insert holders for open and closed shelves. Hang shelves. On the closed cabinets install the door by screwing the hinges to them. Install glass fragments on the doors and hang them on the sideboard, which is over the niche for the TV. Last, attach the door handles.
Assemble cabinets and boxes for the wall "Macarena". For each module, assemble the frame consisting of vertical and horizontal parts. Attach the rear panels of fiberboard.
Install shelves in the lower compartment of the cabinets and the upper branch of the linen and the side of the Cabinet. In the upper compartment of the wardrobe hang rod. On the inside of the door secure the mirror.
Door handle screw loop. Hang the doors and check for cracks. Adjust the screws in the hinges so that doors are not left gaps.
Collect end Cabinet with open corner shelves. To do this, connect the rear panel. Install the shelf in the prepared holes, hang corner shelf. Assembly of a wall "Macarena" complete, it remains only to put all the modules according to your desire.