Surrogate red caviar is made from seaweed. First of them produce the agar, then prepare jelly, tinting it to the desired reddish-orange color. Then from it formed the eggs and add the fat of salmon.
Before putting the eggs to his grocery basket, read carefully all the information to the Bank. There must be specified: manufacturing date, expiry date, manufacturer, fish, from which caviar is extracted, and composition. If at least one of not will – put the jar back on the shelf.
Date of manufacture should be from may to September. It was at this time gathering the eggs. In the name of the fish indicates not just "salmon", and a specific look. Salmonids, of which take the eggs, a lot of pink, sockeye, chum, ceguc, trout. In the eggs there should be no preservatives. Only salt.
When buying prefer caviar in a glass jar. Such a container is the most neutral in chemical composition and can be considered caviar.
Please note the lid of the jar. It should not be swollen, but the numbers are definitely stamped inside.
If you have, consider the caviar. Delicacy will consist of equal-size eggs up to 5-6 mm in diameter. Their color will also be identical. Do not buy too bright or pale in color caviar. It will certainly be a fake. The eggs should be slightly crumbly, but when you taste burst in his mouth. The mass of this delicacy should occupy all the space in the container.
This caviar will smell good, not give a pungent smell. In this case it is better not to eat to protect their health.
An additional guarantee of high quality will be specified by the Bank in any way.
Buying eggs in bulk, ask the seller a certificate of quality, which will present all the information on marine delicacy. Do not leave without attention and the conditions in which sold caviar. If the counter and the salesman was dirty, not a health risk.