First you need to think about where to put the oven, what size it will be and what materials it can be done. Plot: steam room, bathroom and dressing room. Best oven place along the wall of the bath, but you can in the corner. Consider fire protection requirements (approximately 1:3), which is between the furnaceand the ceiling there must be a certain distance.
The construction of the furnace it is necessary to consider the amount of useful square. Bath oven should not occupy more than 0.15 m2 of usable area.
How to build a <b>bath</b> <strong>oven</strong>
Next you need to do the clutch. The best of natural stone. Standard oven for a bath is a furnace, welded from sheet iron. At the bottom of the furnace, in the middle is the heater, at the top of the water tank. Lay out the furnace and the stove of brick (brick placed on edge). When laying need to leave a gap for the passage of gases - with the help of segments of profile iron, posted on the walls of the firebox. And, of course, to crown the whole structure needs a chimney.
How to build a <b>bath</b> <strong>oven</strong>
Ideally, the pipe should be not less than 0,5 m above the roof surface. The size of its cross-section is approximately equal to the brick. And where the pipe passes through the ceiling, it is necessary to "widen" to prevent the ingress of atmospheric precipitation, and also from fire.
How to build a <b>bath</b> <strong>oven</strong>
During the construction of the stove do not forget about safety. No matter what the fire, you need to install adjacent to the oven walls non-combustible screens. The Foundation for the stove should be fire-resistant and chimney insulated. Ideally near the stove stands a wooden fence every time, steaming, not to burn yourself on it. If you follow all these simple rules, then every trip to the bath will be a pleasant rest after tiring working days.
How to build a <b>bath</b> <strong>oven</strong>