You will need
  • - Ultra ISO;
  • - Acohol 120%;
  • - ISO File Burning.
One of the easiest ways disk-write – copy files from the image. Install any software program that supports the mdf format. This can be a utility Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% and others.
Run the program you have selected and mount the disk image in a virtual drive. Click on "My computer" or start a different file Manager. Go to the contents of the disk image. Copy all the files and folders in a separate directory.
Run any program designed for writing files to disk. Copy the data extracted from the image to a DVD.
Using the method described above may be a problem related to AutoPlay some elements of the image. If you're sensitive to this parameter, you can convert the mdf file. Install the program Alcohol 120% or UltraISO.
Run the tool and you can convert the mdf format to ISO. It should be noted that the image size may increase slightly after the change of format. This may prevent normal write the contents of the image to a DVD.
Now run Nero, click DVD-Rom (ISO) and write the obtained ISO image to a disk. Select the minimum speed of reading data from the image. Using this method will keep the necessary functions of the DVD.
If you need to burn a bootable disk to run in DOS-mode, use the ISO File Burning. Run this utility after you convert mdf to ISO.
Specify the DVD drive in which you want to burn a disk, and then click Browse. Select the desired ISO image. Do not use the maximum recording speed to prevent errors during burning. After preparing the settings, click "burn ISO".