Find out whether you have sufficient grounds for early dismissal. It can be made by agreement of the parties, if the leadership is satisfied, either on their own, if it is accompanied by satisfactory reasons. These include, for example, the need to take care of minor children without the other parent, or insufficient, wages for the maintenance of all dependants.
Write a report with the name of your immediate supervisor. It is necessary to specify the reason of leaving the service. You have the right to a medical examination, a requirement which can also be written in the report. The name of the commander and the division number should be indicated in the upper text area, and then the report should be your name, position, military rank and signature. You must also check on the document date in order to avoid delaying the dismissal process.
Submit a report to your commander. He will forward it for consideration by a special Commission, which decides for a period of fifteen working days. After that report back to the commander, who must also approve the dismissal.
Will receive prize payout upon separation. You must pay for all unpaid service time, and the issue of compensation for vacation days that you haven't had time to use. They are calculated from the number of days worked in the year. Also you will be given a proof of life. You will be considered discharged from the moment the decree will be officially published by the personnel service.