Advice 1: How to quit of the internal troops

The person who is in the service in the internal troops, there may be a desire or need to retire before reaching the statutory age of retirement or until the expiration of the contract. In this case, it is necessary to observe sequence of actions, necessary for the proper execution of documents.
How to quit of the internal troops
Find out whether you have sufficient grounds for early dismissal. It can be made by agreement of the parties, if the leadership is satisfied, either on their own, if it is accompanied by satisfactory reasons. These include, for example, the need to take care of minor children without the other parent, or insufficient, wages for the maintenance of all dependants.
Write a report with the name of your immediate supervisor. It is necessary to specify the reason of leaving the service. You have the right to a medical examination, a requirement which can also be written in the report. The name of the commander and the division number should be indicated in the upper text area, and then the report should be your name, position, military rank and signature. You must also check on the document date in order to avoid delaying the dismissal process.
Submit a report to your commander. He will forward it for consideration by a special Commission, which decides for a period of fifteen working days. After that report back to the commander, who must also approve the dismissal.
Will receive prize payout upon separation. You must pay for all unpaid service time, and the issue of compensation for vacation days that you haven't had time to use. They are calculated from the number of days worked in the year. Also you will be given a proof of life. You will be considered discharged from the moment the decree will be officially published by the personnel service.
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Even if you gave a valid reason for dismissal, the commander or the Commission may refuse you. In this case, you have the right to appeal to higher authority if it did not work, even in court.

Advice 2: How to get into elite troops

Service in the elite troops has always been considered prestigious. This is career growth, and purity in payroll, and just very interesting . But you need to understand that candidates have to go through a rather complicated selection process and meet strict requirements.
How to get into elite troops

Kremlin troops

For service in the armed forces of the Kremlin, you must meet certain physical requirements. In particular need to be an increase of not less than 175 and not more than 190 cm it is Also worth noting that the weight should be of normal proportion to such a high figure. In addition, the sharpness of each eye may not be less than 0.7 to have acceptable color vision. There are limitations, not allowing to serve in the armed forces of the Kremlin. For example, the applicant must not have relatives abroad, have complaints from the police and to be registered psychiatrist, the psychiatrist and dermatologist.

Internal troops

To get the service in the internal troops can each recruit, having deviations in physical condition. As a rule, it is enough to announce his desire to the recruiting officer and argue it. However, the internal troops themselves are not considered elite. These are commando units such as Vityaz, alpha, FSB and GRU. Become a member of such elite units only after the passage of military service or completion of military Department. To qualify for service in these units, only those who endure certain tests. For applicants developed a fairly complex psychological and physical tests that determine the readiness for service. Examiners will check and firearms training, and the ability to resist the opponent in hand-to-hand combat, and endurance. In addition, carefully studied the biography of the applicant, his family ties, and does consent to the service of parents and spouses.

Foreign intelligence

For service in foreign intelligence suitable candidates whose age is in the range from 22 to 30 years. You must have higher technical or arts education, and be fluent in one foreign language, the level of which is determined by employees of the organization. In addition, most assessments in the last year institutes of higher education should be high. Limitations for the service, no different from the claims of other elite units. Necessarily match the physical and intellectual training, and lack of previous convictions and foreign citizenship.

Almost every kind of troops in Russia, has its own elite unit. To clarify the information that will help to come closer to getting the job, you can learn in the military or in the appropriate Department.
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