You will need
  • headphones;
  • - portable speakers;
  • - external sound card.
Connect to laptop quality headphones that will expand the usable frequency range. However, there is an increase in noise, the appearance of the background and distortion because of the closeness of location of electronic components. In addition, amplified sound will hear only one person.
Use portable speakers to achieve the same effect for others. There are models that are powered from the mains and is operating solely on the USB bus. First use to obtain maximum volume. However, when connecting the speakers there are other disadvantages. For example, distortion due to improper location of the listener. Rather than being far enough away from the speakers, the user of the laptop sitting close to the screen and the source of the sound. In addition, USB speakers save while working offline.
Connect an external sound card. It can be connected or using port ExpressCard or USB. The map removes most of the shortcomings of the built-in audio system and provides high quality and powerful sound. The so-called discrete sound cards support multi-channel audio, repeat features cards for desktop computers configured with standard software. Different manufacturers offer a wide variety of interfaces cards and provide opportunities.
Check the drivers of the audio devices of the laptop, if the problems with the loudness of the sound came suddenly. The vast majority of faults associated with incorrect operation of the software. Scan the computer for viruses, check the sound in the headphones, to eliminate the most likely causes of errors. Contact the service center for diagnosis and repair damages.
Select a laptop that manufacturer, who pays special attention to audio equipment. These include Toshiba, ASUS, Acer, HP, using multimedia acoustics is known in this field firms. Perfect sound, they will not, but normal sound and sufficient volume will provide.