When choosing fins, pay special attention to the cost of goods, do not chase cheapness. Increasingly shops and markets offer Chinese plastic equipment that will serve you for a short time and under limited conditions. Cheap fins usually either very hard or too soft (they will easily swim, but slowly). In addition, the soft flippers to shovel from the depth or against the current very difficult. Remember, quality gear for spearfishing can not be cheaper than a half-two thousand rubles (specialized start from two and a half thousand rubles).
The blades of many kinds of fins do have slits, holes, and inserts of an elastic material, but for spearfishing, these techniques are not always applicable. Because the slits allow to swim with little effort, and energy is removed from the blades slower, and speeds in such circumstances, you will be able only after a certain period of time after the start of work. The most successful flippers are considered to be classic with a smooth blade.
In the manufacture of the blades began to use new composite materials, which should be paid special attention: carbon fiber, fiberglass and polycarbonate (but the price of these innovations is high). The fins are divided into two types: with open heel and Shoe. But how do you choose equipment for underwater hunting, you should not buy the flippers with the closed heel (this must be an open Shoe with a back strap).
Purchase neoprene socks and go for a fitting (keep in mind the time that socks of a thickness of 3mm will increase the size of fins size 1-2, 5 mm – 2 to 3 sizes 7mm – 3-4 size). Put on your flippers and check – there is no pressure from the edges or the foot, the toe subsides if heel. Lift your leg and shake in different directions last it shall be fixed tight and not fall down. If everything is OK, you can buy them.
Long fins (more than 80 inches) is not recommended for spearfishing in certain conditions: in the reeds and shallow water. But they are very convenient to dive to great depths and move in the water column.