You will need
  • - statement of claim;
  • - case in point (the room, the essence);
  • - details of the claimant;
  • - details of the Respondent;
  • address and name of the arbitration court.
In the header of the response, write the full name of the arbitration court, where the opinion is made. Enter the address of the location of judicial authority, including the index. Enter the name of the claimant (natural or legal person). Enter personal data of the person, address of his permanent residence, if the statement of claim prepared on behalf of individuals. Write the name of the company address of the place of its registration, unless the claimant is an organization.
Next, enter the middle name of the document. Then enter the number of the case assigned by the court of first instance. A review is made on a claim, so write this fact.
In the content part of the review write the arguments, or part arguments, which you do not agree to set out the petition requirements. The objections are written on the basis of legislative acts, documentary evidence. Therefore, refer to articles of the Civil code dedicated to the preparation of the statement of the plaintiff.
Then write your position, personal information and put a personal signature. Then write a list of evidentiary documents on the merits of the opinion. Please note that you will need to forward the opinion to the claimant. Therefore, write number, date of the postal receipt by which you send the documents to the person making the statement.
Seal the opinion and the attached evidence in writing. Make as many copies of the documentation, how many of those involved in the case, plus one copy and the arbitration court. Send letter with list of enclosures to addressees. Don't forget to mention that the postman will need to make a return receipt involved in the case under review to others.
Match review the statement of claim is mandatory. Provide time to allow to consider the document to the plaintiff, witnesses, the court of arbitration. If you don't leave feedback, then you can recover court costs.