You will need
  • - timber or metal rails;
  • - screws;
  • - moisture-resistant drywall;
  • - waterproof impregnation;
  • - foam roller;
  • level;
  • - tiles;
  • - tile adhesive based on cement;
  • - toothed and simple spatula;
  • - grout.
Make the sheathing under the drywall in the place where will be located the tile. The base can be mounted from the metal rails or lumber. If you are using for this purpose a tree, don't forget to cover it with waterproof impregnation in two layers.
Step into the crate no more than 20 cm Is often mounting with screws plasterboard it is necessary that the cardboard under the weight of the tiles have not warped, and the clutch is not violated.
Prepare a moisture-proof primer. If it is a concentrate, dilute it according to the instructions in the bucket. When using the foam roller for priming pre-pour the liquid into a plastic form with a fluted edge to pressing extra.
Prime the drywall in two layers. Allow time for the coating to dry completely.
Zashpaklyuyte the joints of plasterboard sheets and the place where the cap screws. For this purpose, use a finishing plaster on a plaster or latex-based and narrow spatula.
Dry the plaster and remove the bumps with fine sandpaper. Then primed the sanded places.
Make the layout of the tiles on a paper lined sheet or on graph paper. You need to accurately calculate how many whole tiles will be horizontal and vertical. Cut the remaining tiles after laying a full row. So you correctly determine its size. Buy tiles in store with a stock of about 10%.
Dry mix tile adhesive in the proportions indicated on the packaging. Stir it machine / whisk on a drill.
Seize the trowel the glue and smear it evenly over the drywall within one or two tiles. Then move on to this place a scraper with serrated edge, making grooves. Then a tile densely grappled with the base.
Lay out the tile, starting with the bottom row. Align each horizontal and vertical level. If necessary, insert plastic crosses, the distances between tiles was the same. After installation you have about 10 minutes to fix it until the glue sets.
Making 4 or 5 rows, rest. Allow time for the tile to adhere tightly to the drywall. Otherwise your smoothly laid tiles can lose the load.
Apply grout to the seams one day after laying all full tiles on gypsum plasterboard. Make it a small rubber spatula. Immediately wipe up excess foam with a sponge.