Many people in the kitchen prefer to lay out the backsplash tile, as it is very practical and beautiful. In order to start gluing the tiles, you first prepare the surface. First, align the wall. To do this, take the dry mix and mix according to the instructions on the package, the solution is take average, not too thick and not too runny. Apply mortar on the wall using a small trowel, and a large leveled. Take a profile or rake and remove excess plaster.
Now get to work with the tiles. To start, take the laser level and make a horizontal line. Now knead the adhesive according to the instructions. Remember to start gluing it immediately after the adhesive solution is prepared. Then it will simply lose its properties. Now apply a thin layer of glue on the wall in the location where it will be laid tile.
Next take the tile and put it on the glue, press lightly and Saivite with a rubber mallet. Take a short level and put the tiles vertically and horizontally. In order to fix the bottom face of the tile in the correct position, use pieces of boxes from under a tile or something that are close at hand.
Remember that the first tile must be installed perfectly, as it is from them will depend on the final result. Also pay attention to the proper placement of the figure to the apron looked like one. Of course, not all apron will consist of whole tiles, some tiles will need cutting, but use only whole tiles.
To cut tile you can use a handheld tile, glass cutter or lathe cutter. Technology is this: make an incision, and then rattle its region from the back side and break the tile on the corner or something like that.