You will need
  • Partition Manager.
If you want to migrate the operating system to another hard disk, use Partition Manager. Connect the second hard drive to the computer and install this software.
Restart the computer and run the Partition Manager. To create a copy of the partition you must have Unallocated space on the second hard drive. View the size of the system local disk.
Remove one or more partitions from the second hard drive. To do this, click the right mouse button on the icon for your local disk and select "Remove". Remember that all of the data on these partitions will be lost. Pre-take care about saving important files.
After opening the main menu Partition Manager go to the tab "Master". Select "Copy partition". Wait until the program will check the required field to keep a copy. Click "Next".
Select the system partition of the hard drive and again click "Next". In the new window, click the Unallocated space on which to store a copy of the local disk C. select the size of the new volume. If you skip this step, the size of the new disk will be equal to the size of the copied partition.
Click "Next" and close the settings menu. Close all the side programs, and then click "Apply pending changes". After some time a window will appear stating that the program will continue after the computer restarts.
Click "Restart now" and wait for performing the specified operation. After some time, the Partition Manager will run in the DOS environment. After completing all necessary procedures, the computer will again restart.
Click on "My computer" and make sure that the second hard drive is a copy of the system partition of the first hard drive.