You will need
  • - materials test for determining intelligence in children;
  • - scale interpretation of test results;
  • the help of an experienced child psychologist.
In order to quantify the intelligence and mental development of the child, you can apply a variety of tests specifically designed to test IQ in children.
Apply Vexlarsky scale for children that allows to assess verbal and non-verbal skills and General intelligence. It is intended for testing age range from 6 to 16 years. To identify differences between the IQ to nonverbal (wordless) and verbal (verbal) skills can indicate a problem with perception. Go with your child this test by going to the website at:
Use Test Stanford-Binet, which was designed for children older than two years. It lets you know your IQ and mental age of the child. Because the test contains primarily tasks of verbal nature, it will not work if your kid features a specific communication disorder (e.g., autism) or lack of development of verbal functions (for any external factors) . Find questions and scale this test can, for example, at: In order to begin the testing process, click "Begin test". The site also has information on how to pass an IQ test how to interpret the results.
The use of the Denver test to assess the level of intelligence of children allows to assess the behavior, as subtle movements, General motor skills, personal-social skills and speech. It can help to quickly determine the level of psychomotor development of children of preschool age. An example of such test can be found on the website at:
Testing of the child, remember the basic rules of the procedure: your child must be completely healthy, one must have a calm environment, nothing should detract from the offered tasks. Better if this procedure will do all the same an experienced psychologist as he has a large stock of knowledge and skills in this area and after passing the test can suggest any techniques for the development of psychological processes that have received the lowest rating.