You will need
  • the special music program (e.g. FL STUDIO)
One of the most convenient and functional programs of editing of music in a given time - FL Studio (in common - "fruit"). With its help it is possible not only to turn the song, but also to create completely new through the mass of tools and plugins provided in the program. To solve this task, the first thing you need to install FL STUDIO. To do this, in General, is not very difficult.
Go to the website On it you will see (under the menu item "Download". Further, you need to download the latest version of the program (it is different from the previous lot of improvements and additional toolboxes).
After downloading the program you need to install it on your PC. For successful installation of the software requires Windows XP (or higher). Need to open the installer (double-click the downloaded file with the extension .exe). The installation of the program takes place in a convenient semi-automatic mode (you are only required to provide your personal data).
To create the reverse of the song (that is, flip it), we will need to open it in installed in the previous step the program FL Studio. To do this, select in the toolbar "add sample", choose the necessary file in the opened window and click on the button "Load new sample".
Then we open the tool pane "Reverse" and click on the button "reverse". So we turned the song in FL Studio. Now we need to save the changes, so that the efforts were not in vain. Select the item "Save as..." of menu "File" and save the inverted song under a new name.