You will need
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - lighten cream;
  • - ammonia.
Purchase in store special cream for bleaching facial hair. When applying, follow the instructions that invested in packaging facilities. The procedure is performed quickly and simply. You usually need to apply the cream on the problem areas and wash off after few minutes.
The most common means continues to be the hydrogen peroxide. To bleach the dark hairs on the upper lip, mix a teaspoon of bleach and five drops of ammonia. Add to the mix a little liquid soap or foam, so that the mixture became creamy. The mask is easy to apply on the problem areas.
Before you do this procedure the first time, put some of the mixture on the inside of the hands and leave on for 10-15 minutes. If a negative reaction is not followed, apply the product directly on the problem area. The skin that is close to the hair brush nourishing fat cream.
Cotton swab apply a lightener, wait 10 minutes, rinse with cool water. Oily or cream will help prevent skin irritation. If the end time of the procedure has not yet come, but you felt an intense burning, rinse the part before. Repeat the discoloration a few days after 3-4 sessions the hair on the upper lip will become much weaker and thinner.
If you lack time, you can use a more simple way. Wipe every day, the dark hairs above the lip of the usual hydrogen peroxide, it will give a positive result with the regular procedure.
Hair dye with a lightening effect will help to cope with your problem. Just remember to test every new product on skin sensitivity and allergic reaction.
When very thick, dark facial hair, you should consult a endocrinologist, because they can be a symptom of a serious illness. If health is all right, such a hair is best to remove.