You will need
  • Pitahaya
  • A sharp knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Spoon
Pitaya is brewing is not as familiar to us fruit. The overall color of the fruit is not an indicator of its maturity. Yellow pitaya could be more Mature than red. Is paid to the color of the adjacent fruit. Ripe fruit dragon's color is much richer than its neighbors. Yellow will have a Golden hue, red will be bright red.
Take a pitaya in your hands and gently squeeze. Unripe fruits are hard and hard, Mature soft. Do not push hard, as not much force is enough to understand to buy this fruit or not. Inspect pitahaya on the subject of wrinkles, stains, mold. All signs are too old and overripe fruit.
Before use, remove the pitaya for a few hours in the fridge. Remove the fruit, place on a cutting Board and cut with a sharp knife lengthwise in half. Look at the flesh. The red or pink fruit ripe the flesh is white or pale pink, yellow white. Regardless of the color of the whole fruit pulp is dotted with tiny black seeds. They are just as edible as the seeds inside a kiwi.
With a knife or scissors, cut the tips of the spines on the skin of the fruit. This will help you to keep it. Some people believe that it tastes best to eat dragon fruit with a spoon right out of the halves. Others offer to cut the halves into slices, like an Apple, peel and add to fruit salad. Pitaya is good and as an additive to smoothies and sorbitan.