Read the standard set of emoticons. For example, go to any forum or social network. To insert a ready smile on these resources click on the button with the image in the edit window messages and select the one that will really give your mood at the moment. In addition, to enter smilies you can and using special characters or normal punctuation. Find out which smiley you get when you dial a certain combination on the keyboard.
Find out which emoticons, in addition to the standard set, especially popular among Internet users. In many forums and almost all social networks have a unique set of icons. Choose to have no difficulty with what and where to put. Refer to other network archives and collections to find rare emoticons, which would become the "highlight" of your website.
Click on the image of the smiley in the catalogue, and go to the next page (sometimes not required), find its html code. Copy it and log in to your site administrator rights in the page edit mode. Select a place to insert a smiley and move all this code.
Take advantage of special programs to insert smileys into your website. Try, for example, programs such as PostSmile or Sweetim. Embed them in the browser you use. Using these programs you will be able to spice up your page by posting both static and animated emoticons.
In order to be able to insert any smileys in mail, create for the most interesting separate folder on the computer. Open Outlook Express. As you have written letters to the press from time to time the icon "Insert picture", specifying the path to the folder with the smileys.