You will need
  • -the spokes;
  • -wool yarn
Take circular needles and tie the first trial model of a small size (about a child's doll), so as to calculate the correct loops sample still have to knit. In order to correctly calculate the number of stitches, decide how you will have the product – solid or plate, as this determines the calculation method.
If you expect a full product, then type in the spokes of the number of loops multiple of 4, for example, 28 of the hinges. Provarite the first row of facial loops and secure the ends together. Knit on circle of the front surface if the other picture you provided.
Divide dialed loop into 4 parts and mark these places with the bound threads of a different color.
Knit in a circle in accordance with the scheme: *5P 1 2P 1 yo yo*. The scheme was repeated 4 times. Next row knit without nakido well as the front loops.
Note that in each row the number of loops is added, and then the scheme will be: *7P 2P 1 yo 1 yo*, which is again repeated 4 times. That is a number, add on 2 stitches at each of the four segments.
2 loops shown in the diagram will form a line that runs from the neck and up to his armpits. There are 4 lines (2 rear and 2 front), which form a Raglan sleeve. Knit the number of rows will depend on the size of the product, the structure of the thread and the thickness of the spokes.
Knit, adding loops across the row until, while front and rear lines of the Raglan during the fitting will not freely agree among themselves.
Secure place in the armpit and continue to knit in a circle front and back. The bottom fill with a rubber band.
Start vyvazhivanii seamless sleeves. In case of need, if required by the model, the sleeves sause and also to make a rubber band.
After you have to understand the principle of knitting, calculate the number of loops for the intended product, given that it starts at the top from the neck, and therefore need to know the volume of the neck.
Knit Raglan knitting you can not only the front surface but also any other pattern. For children jackets is amazingly perfect binding "about the English", which will give the product volume. And of course it is better to knit with placket. In this case, the number of loops is calculated on the same principle, only one of the 4 parts is divided more equally, as in this place the edges will vymazyvaja strap.