Fun classes and games can be carried out since 3 years. It is desirable that at this point, the baby already uttered all other sounds. Don't make it right to say "RRR" is not helpful. It may even hurt if the child already speaks the "R" wrong. For starters, you need to prepare the articulation device to create the sound. The correct formulation of the language, you can produce using sounds "t-d". When pronouncing the "t-d" and "R" language is in the same position. As a trainer fit children's poems with the alternation of these letters. For example:

TA, TA, TA — hot stove,

Yes, Yes, Yes — on the street water...

Next, you need to teach a child the correct tongue vibration. Language should be bumps (alveoli) on the back of the front teeth, and the parent with your finger or a spoon to lightly pull at the bridle, thereby causing the vibrating tip of the tongue. There is another fun exercise that brings joy to children. Ask the child to say "brrr". Ensure that the lips were relaxed.

Do not rush things, most importantly, that skill was fixed, and only then proceed to the next exercise. Ask the kid to show, how to start a tractor "DRRR" or "trrr". You can then name some words beginning with these sounds: "fight, drama, tractor". Some children easier softer sound of "p", in this case, he's really good "shoot", although this is the exception rather than the rule.

What if you could your child to teach the letter "R", but he does not say it in words? First of all, you need patience, correcting it each time, you gradually accustomed to speak the letter "R". It is best to pretend that you are not misunderstood word, and the child, trying to explain to you, is to pronounce the "R".