Call the main system menu of the Windows OS version 7, click "start" and click "control Panel" to initiate the procedure to create a bootable HDD. Open the "administrative tools" link and expand "computer Management". Select "disk Management" and locate the drive 1, same size with the selected external volume. Determine your HDD and call its context menu by right-clicking the mouse.
Enter the command "Delete volume" and wait for the message about the successful completion of the operation. Click the "new simple volume" and enter a value of 4300 in the "simple volume Size" dialog box. Confirm your selection by pressing the "Next" button and select the desired value for the name of the disk in a new dialog box. Go to the next step by clicking "Next" and apply the check box on the "Format this volume as follows". Confirm execution of the selected action by pressing the "Next" button and authorize the procedure by clicking "Finish". Call context menu of the created section by clicking the right mouse button and select "mark partition as active".
Repeat the entire above sequence of actions to create a second partition on an external HDD-drive, but don't make it active.
Insert the Windows 7 installation disc in the drive and open menu "edit" of the top service panel. Enter the command "Select all", create a full copy of all folders of the disc. Use the command "Paste" to copy the highlighted folder in the active partition or volume is created do the same thing in the app Total Commander if there is an ISO image of the installation disk.
Please restart your system and enter the newly created external drive as the Primary Boot Device in the BIOS. Save changes and use your HDD as a boot device.