First decide what site and for what purposes you need. If we are talking about a small personal homepage, you can use one of the existing network of free services. In that case, if we are talking about a commercial project, you will have to register your own domain and find a quality paid hosting – the server on which you place page. Commercial site on free service looks to put it mildly, disreputable.
To create a simple website from one or more pages, use a free service You will be able to create a website as from the finished blocks, and independently. In the latter case, you will need a basic knowledge of HTML and editor for writing code – for example, Cute HTML. If you have never dealt with HTML, do not worry, this language is very simple. You will be able to master its basics in the course of creating pages.
If you need a place to socialize, check out the service Here you will be able to create both the website and the forum. Compared to the previous service, ucoz has many more features. The only, but significant drawback – Intrusive ad banner that appears on each opened page. You can close it, but still it interferes with normal operation. The banner can be turned off for 100 rubles a month.
Very good service for creating a private forum is Clicking on the link above, you can quickly create your own forum. This service also has ads in the form of static banner at the top or bottom (selectable) of the page, but it is not annoying users, it does not have to be closed.
If you don't want to see on your site advertising or do not want from anybody to depend on, create your own resource. You will spend about 100 for domain registration and 30-40 rubles per month for web hosting. To register a domain type in the search engine "register domain". You will receive a lot of links on the services of the registrars. The procedure of registration takes just minutes, pay through WebMoney, Bank card, etc.
Registering a domain, do not rush to pay for hosting. First create a website on your computer, verify that it is working. To create a site, use the visual website Builder Dreamweaver. This is a very handy program that allows you to use ready-made free templates, which web very much. Download your favorite template, open it in the program and modify as needed – insert your text, images.
To test the functionality of the website and catch all the errors, install the program Denwer. With its help, you will be able to work with the site as if it is already on hosting. Will work all of the links to open pictures. This program is especially useful for a large complex site.
Page ready. Now find and pay for hosting, put your pages in public_html folder. It remains to perform the last operation "bind" the domain to the hosting. Log into the control panel of your account on the service Registrar and enter in the appropriate fields the names of DNS servers – two of them, find out their data in support of hosting in the FAQ section, etc. After you complete this procedure, the website will begin to open at the domain name during the day.