If you have shortness of breath after climbing stairs or a short walk with the dog, maybe you play sports and are unable to improve their results due to lack of breathing, then you need to specifically train their lungs to improve breathing. The most effective exercise for improving dialky is running. You need to run every day, preferably in the morning. Start with a slow tempo, in 400-500 meters speed up and a minute later go back to slow pace. These accelerations need to do 5-10 in a single run, watching the breath: inhale through nose, exhale through the mouth. The breath plays 2-3 seconds, exhale for 1 second.
Perform daily simple exercise: easy inhale and exhale slowly, making lip-movement as if to pronounce the letter "f" or "W". The exhalation should last as long so you have time to count to 14.
It is useful to perform exercises to develop chest: hands placed at shoulder level and sharply to separate them several times straight, then left, right, up and down. Often do self-massage of the chest, not sparing her "beating" like a drum.
To improve the cardio at home, if you regularly practice your swing at the punching bag. At a fast pace and try as much as possible to hit the bag without stopping. If there is no pear, just keep shadow Boxing: to strike the air with his hands and feet, move, gradually increasing the pace. Give these lessons a half hour a day.
To train the breath you can, if you jump on the rope and take vocal lessons. In the end you can buy the usual rubber balls and inflate them at home, increasing the volume and strength of the lungs and improving breathing. Beneficial effects on the body and improves the cardio swimming. Buy a subscription to the pool, and visit it as often as possible.
All the exercise and exercises, with cardio effects, ideal for improving dyhalka. We are talking about training on a stationary bike, treadmill, step aerobics, dancing and the like.
Strengthen torso: perform squats, bending, push-UPS and pulling, train press. Heavy exercise is shown lifting barbells and dumbbells. Has been proven exercise for expanding chest. For its implementation need to stand up straight, breathe deeply, hold the air, stretching both hands forward and holding both fists clenched at shoulder level. Then in one motion take your arms back and alternated this position with the previous, all the while clenching his fists and tensing the muscles. With the power exhale the air, his mouth open.