Slightly pointy cut fondant indicates the practicality and confidence. The mistress of a lipstick clearly knows what he wants from life, but it is characterized by a certain conservatism.
Evenly rounded lipstick shape says about the organized and purposeful character. Woman this psychological makeup is very cool, gentle and hardworking, but lacks a sense of humor.
Lipstick indefinite form indicates that the possessor is unbalance and distrust, often worried over nothing. These traits woman the psychological makeup often masks the vigor and confidence. The strong point of this type of character is an innate sense of beauty.
Cut fondant, shaped like a sharpened pencil meets an arrogant and selfish personality. The lady, possessing these traits, easy to converge with others. But the people who deserve friendship or love of a woman can count on her unconditional devotion.
The flat tip of the lipstick indicates optimistic and uninhibited character of its owner. She easily makes friends and cares for all of life's details. However, the immediacy of women with a similar character sometimes goes into the faux pas that sometimes offends others.
Lipstick, worn at an angle of 45 degrees, says rich imagination, energy and responsibility of his mistress. This woman can rely on, but it lacks practicality.
Concave lipstick testifies to the curiosity and enterprise and courage. A woman with this type of character has the makings of a scientist, but often their implementation prevents its overly addictive nature.
Cut fondant, which is almost completely repeats the original form, evidence of restraint and discipline her mistress. A woman accustomed to strictly follow the rules and doesn't like to attract attention.