Colortype, which is carrot lipstick

Carrot is a fickle color and it is not every girl. Best of all, he will sit on the ladies with a warm color type appearance. These include spring and autumn. Spring women have a delicate Sunny appearance, they have light skin pale pink, peach or apricot shade, which burns easily in the sun. The capillaries of the girl-spring is situated superficially, therefore, it is easily covered with a blush. The eyes of the representatives of the spring color type light blue, green, transparent grey, hair is usually wheat, amber, honey or light blonde shades.
Color type spring rarely found in Russia. It is treated by many representatives of the Scandinavian countries and the Baltic States.

Autumn is another color type, which will be to face the orange shade of lipstick. Girl-autumn is easily recognizable by the shock of red hair. There are other nuances, but in any case the hair will be with a warm reddish tint. The skin of autumn peach, beige, pink, ivory, and his eyes were marsh, brown, coffee color or waves of the sea. If the description of one of the color types you recognize yourself – feel free to experiment with carrot lipstick – it is likely suitable, because the warm shades for you to face. But the cool platinum blondes and hot brunettes from the "carrots" it is better to abstain. Them cold pink, violet and blood red.
If you want to make your lips visually fuller, give preference to carrot lip gloss, or on top of a layer of lipstick, put a transparent gloss.

What combination of carrot lipstick

To carrot lipstick successfully you looked, not enough to have the right type of appearance. After all, your makeup and clothing also depends on whether you need image. Carrot is a bright and attractive hue, so painting the eye, be discreet. Use neutral colors – beige, gray, brown, as accent will have you on the lips.
Carrot lipstick is a godsend for ladies who suffer from under eye circles. She makes the defect less noticeable.

Also, do not choose too bright colors in clothing. Give preference to discreet kit and add a colorful accent with accessories. Throw a scarf with a pattern which contains the color orange, take a clutch with a carrot strap. Then your image will be harmonious.