Many psychologists, using knowledge of physiognomy, I think that the lips are the symptom that most accurately and correctly assess the character and psychological makeup of a stranger. Proportional to the size of the mouth, thickness of lips and the fact that none of them comes forward, can attest to the fact that you are calm, harmonious development of personality, self-sufficient and confident.
Twisted lips with asymmetrically spaced ends talking about arrogance, contempt for other people. Try not to trust this man – this form of the mouth may hide a vicious and hysterical, incoherent.
Note the fullness of the lips of his companion. Thin lips – evidence that his actions led by calculation and reason. Full lips say that this person is emotional and rarely listens to reason. The person with thin lips can become more reliable and loyal friend.
The complexities of character will testify that the upper lip will go for the lower, or bottom is bulging. In the first case, a person can be exposed to the swagger and arrogance, and in the second – indecision and inability to make decisions, to take responsibility. If the upper lip looks fuller bottom, it is a sign of stubbornness and not even worth trying to convince such a person – you are just wasting your time, he will always stay in my opinion.
Look closely at the line of closure of the lips. If it is in the form of straight, it's a man with a calm character. And the wavy line have emotional people with "eccentric" and "explosive" character.
Another characteristic feature is the contour of the lips. Smooth and quiet line – a sign of a smooth character, the ability to control your emotions and not remember wrongs. Beautifully contoured, curved contour of the lips may belong to a witty, generating ideas, interesting interlocutor, with whom it is difficult to miss. At the same time, such people can be quite vindictive. You don't become their enemies that they are sophisticated enough to intrigue.