Before you make summary the superintendentread General rules of design and drafting. Consider these requirements when preparing your summary.
One of the main requirements of the superintendentm in employment, is not so much the experience as special education. It confirms the presence of the diploma of completion of technical school or Institute. Even if you have no experience as a superintendent, but there is such a diploma, still don't give up on writing a summary and their claims to this place. Often the employer offers work to the graduate six months the master and then switches it at the end of summary position.
An important place in summary the superintendent is the description of the experience. This section, for the convenience of employees HR, write in reverse order. Starting with your last job. For each of them specify the time and occupied in this period the position. List your job responsibilities.
In addition to the standard: inspection of working documentation, preparation of applications for construction materials, development of production schedules of construction works, monitoring their progress and quality, specify additional duties that will be demanded in the prestigious construction companies. These include participation in and visiting of exhibitions and conferences on modern building materials and technologies.
Information about their personal qualities, select those that you want to have a good foreman: the ability to resolve conflicts, to make decisions independently, persistence in achieving goals, ability to self-education and taking responsibility for themselves. These qualities are necessary to any Manager, who is foreman in nature.
If you know how to use a computer and special software, know foreign languages, be sure to include it in your summary. This is an extra plus.
The volume of the summary should be small, the text itself is simple and straightforward. Even if your work is connected with the construction, do not neglect spelling and check summary for grammatical and stylistic errors before sending it.