To appeal the decision of the world judge you within 10 days after the announcement of his in the courtroom. In the operative part of the resolution is always specified which court you can apply for its appeal. If you are unsure that you can correctly make a complaint, please contact the lawyer or his legal representative.
For processing complaint take a clean sheet of A4 paper. In the upper right corner which indicate the name of the court, which addressed the complaint, your personal details, including passport, a residential address and a phone number where you can be reached. In the main text of the document for appealing against the decision of the world judge specify all their demands and grievances based on provisions of the current legislation. Be sure to attach to the complaint all information and proof of your arguments. Don't forget to include the date of the complaint and to put his signature.
If your complaint will be compiled with errors or violations, the magistrate may leave her without moving, giving you time to fix all inaccuracies.
After reviewing your appeal, the court may leave your application without consideration or terminate the proceedings altogether.
If your complaint was accepted for consideration, on the basis assigned a new trial, which can be presented new evidence on the case. After consideration by court of all new circumstances of the case and hearing the testimony of the parties imposed a new regulation.
You have the right to appeal, not all decision of the world judge, but only some part thereof, for example, the size of the claim, or violation of the rights of participants in the trial.