It all starts with service mail. The largest suppliers of postal services today are portals,, and Internet mail is a virtual user account, its an account on one (or several simultaneously) of these email services. In order to get mail, simply fill out the registration form, the link to which is usually located in a conspicuous place near the fields of the input pair "login-password". For registration you will need to make a password and specify the desired account name - the part 'that will stand up to the" @ " symbol. The official name of this symbol – the English "at", but in everyday life it is called "the dog". Registered mail will look like your name@the name of the portal. Almost all portals provide account owners a lot of additional resources.
All ready to use. But to use virtual correspondence in different ways. The simplest way to access the box directly via the web interface, that is, to go to the selected portal, enter the username and password, and manage your mail through a browser, moving by links and virtual folders.
How to install <strong>email</strong>
There is a more convenient and modern way. There are several email programs you can use to work with your e-mail box without opening the browser. The program has a much more flexible settings, gets rid of browsing junk ads and load unnecessary traffic. The operating system usually includes one such program is Microsoft Outlook. Equally popular are "collectors" of The Bat! and the program from the creators of the browser Mozilla Thunderbird. With this method, the mail will be stored directly on the user's computer. This advantage is especially felt by those who have the need to send and receive attached files.
Such programs are available in portable versions, that is "portable". This means that a user can have on a flash drive with a copy of his program to his personal preferences, and use their email with the help of this program from any computer. There is no need each time to install it again. The downside is that the program needs to pre-configure, and inexperienced users often experience this difficulty. However, setting up mail fetcher is straightforward, and detailed instructions on external web sites, and on the website of the postal service.
Some browsers also have built-in mail module, something like an email program, right inside the browser. However, this method is not very comfortable and unsafe from the point of view of safety of the data, and therefore not very popular.
What a way and what program to choose – a matter of taste, convenience and habits. Stands alone to try these options to select the most appropriate method of Internet communication.