You will need
  • - NFS-CfgInstaller.exe;
  • - Nfs Tex_Ed.
Make sure that you delete all the car models selected brand, which has been amended (tuning), because the presence of such machines may cause malfunction of the game. Download all the above required components install and open the downloaded folder of the selected car model. Make sure you have files with names of the Geometry.bin and Textures.bin and navigate to the folder that contains the files of the game Need for Speed 2 Underground. Expand the folder named Cars, designed for storing files of the used car models and determine to be replaced.
Expand the folder and identify the files with names of the Geometry.bin and Textures.bin. Replace these two files are the same files from the downloaded folder of the selected model of vehicle and confirm the action selected in the dialog box query system. Go back to the directory you selected to install the machine and run the application NFS_CfgInstaller.exe. Specify the full path to the location of the game folder in the opened main window of the program and confirm your selection by pressing the OK button. Specify the full path to the folder to set the car in the next dialog box of the application, and wait for notification of a successful operation.
Again go back to the folder you downloaded car model and identify the file with name for installation of the original logo of the selected machine. Launch the app NFS Tex_Ed and specify the following directory to the file FrontB.lzc:drivename:Program FilesNeed for Speed Underground 2Frontend in the main window of the program. Open the found file, and define to be replaced a texture in the dialog box. Replace it, found the file and make sure you apply the selected changes.