Advice 1: How to neutralize sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid is among the five most strong acids. The necessity of neutralization of the acid occurs, in particular, in the case of leakage and when there is a threat of poisoning her.
How to neutralize sulfuric acid
A molecule of sulphuric acid consists of two atoms of oxygen and sulfur dioxide. It is a liquid, which is colorless and odorless, but have a high viscosity. Concentrated sulfuric acid has the consistency of oil. In the liquid state it may be at a temperature not exceeding 300 degrees. At a temperature of 296 degrees it starts to decay. It can also be mixed with water. Sulfuric acid is very toxic and causes burns on the skin. In dissolved form it neutralizes alkalis, ammonia hydrate.
Also sulfuric acid capable of reacting with sodium hydroxide. Concentrated sulfuric acid is diluted by one portion of NaOH:

H2SO4 (conc.)+NaOH=nahso4 solution+H2O

For diluted sulfuric acid requires the same lye in a double size:

H2SO4 (highest.)+2NaOH=Na2SO4+H2O

In both cases, neutralization of the formed oxazole. Na2SO4 is a white substance, so in the neutralization of sulfuric acid, precipitation of a white precipitate.
Additionally, sulfuric acid can interact with sodium hydroxide. Concentrated sulfuric acid is diluted by one portion of NaOH:

H2SO4 (conc.)+NaOH=nahso4 solution+H2O

For diluted sulfuric acid requires the same lye in a double size:

H2SO4 (highest.)+2NaOH=Na2SO4+H2O

In both cases, neutralization of the formed oxazole. Na2SO4 is a white substance, so in the neutralization of sulfuric acid, precipitation of a white precipitate.
In addition, sulphuric acid under certain conditions neutralizes oxides of some metals. So, for example, diluted sulfuric acid combines with oxide of barium, forms a salt - barium sulfate and water:

H2SO4 (highest.)+BaO=BaSO4+H2O

Some metals, such as zinc, react well with dilute acid to form salt and hydrogen excreted:

H2SO4 (highest.)+Zn=ZnSO4+H2

Advice 2: How to get sulfuric acid

Chemistry is one of the most important fields of natural science, and one of the main substances, which is unthinkable without this science is sulfuric acid. It finds application in virtually any chemical process. Simply put, sulfuric acid is the Queen of chemistry.
How to get sulfuric acid
You will need
  • Battery electrolyte, glass jar, saucepan, engine oil, electric.
In industry it is obtained by dissolving sulfur trioxide (sulphur trioxide) in water. And for dioxide, sulfur dioxide formed, for example, after roasting sulphide ore or obtained by direct method (by burning sulphur in oxygen), oxidize to sulfuric anhydride at a temperature of 500 degrees centigrade for the catalysts of platinum, vanadium oxide, and the like. But, what would you get concentrated sulfuric acid in the handicraft way, not necessarily to resort to the above trick. In the automotive store to buy a battery electrolyte, take an ordinary glass jar and pour it in there, then take the pan, pour in the motor oil (it will come down and practicing) and put there the jar. Then everything is placed on the stove.
Thus, there is evaporation of water from the electrolyte. Trick oil bath is that the temperature of boiling oil is somewhat larger than the boiling point of water and thus the water quietly boils and the butter is not boiling and the glass jar is intact, as is heated uniformly over the entire area. Even hot concentrated sulfuric acid does not react with glass, so the amount of impurities in it is minimal. The process can be carried out in the temperature range from 100 to 300 degrees, but it is better not exceed the boiling point of the oil. Continue the process until until water boils away. In principle, concentration of sulfuric acid can be produced in a solid metal container, but after that the acid is heavily contaminated with impurities and will have a darker color, and besides, it is likely that the capacity in the process will leak.
Avoid sudden temperature changes, this applies to glass jars, ie don't put a cold jar into the hot oil and the hot jar on a cold surface, allow to cool completely, otherwise it will burst for sure. Be sure to protect eyes, skin, clothing, wear gloves, goggles and other means. Hot concentrated sulfuric acid is quite a terrible thing.
Useful advice
Automotive stores in addition to the standard electrolyte density 1,27 sold density of 1.4, take it, the yield will be more. To do these things preferably on the air, as when heated the oil is a little to smoke.

Advice 3: How to drink aminocaproic acid

Aminocaproic acid is used in the form solution for injection and powder for solution preparation. To prescribe the drug, methods of intake and dose can only be a doctor, the leave of of pharmacies made by prescription. Acid has a hemostatic effect.
How to drink aminocaproic acid
Aminocaproic acid is prescribed after surgical interventions on the lungs, pancreas and thyroid gland, the prostate, with premature detachment of the placenta, the delay in the uterus dead fetus, when brain surgery, acute pancreatitis, liver disease and in all cases the presence of extensive bleeding.
Also acid prescribed for nasal bleeding, post-abortion, anaemia, associated with deficiency of vitamin B12.
Use this medicine only as directed a doctor and strictly at the recommended dosages. Usually prescribed 0.1 g acid per 1 kg of body weight. Receiving spend every 4 hours. The maximum daily dose is 15 g of the Powder to thoroughly dissolve in a glass of water and use after meals.
Sometimes aminocaproic acid administered to children with severe allergies unclear origin, acute or chronic pancreatitis. If your child is prescribed the drug, strictly follow the doctor's recommendation and give it strictly to the recommended doses.
If you have significant blood loss, and blood cannot be stopped by any means, you assign aminocaproic acid injection. The solution will be administered intravenous drip at 60 drops per minute. During the first hours after surgery is administered 5 g of acid, then 1 g per hour until it stops bleeding. With the introduction of the acid solution will also enter the glucose solution and, if necessary, anti-shock drugs.
When acid possible severe diarrhea, dizziness, bronchospasm, nausea, vomiting. If you are prescribed the drug for outpatient use, all side effects tell your doctor. You will be prescribed a lower dose or cancel the drug.
Aminocaproic acid is strictly contraindicated in the propensity to thrombosis, varicose veins, a tendency to embolism, diseases of the kidney with impaired function.

Advice 4: Looks like cerumen

The human ear consists of three parts – inner, middle and outer ear, which находzтся many glands, produce monthly up to 20 mg of sulphur. Some people suffer from cerumen produced as a result of improper cleaning of the ears or excessive production of a sulfur substance. How to recognize a sulfuric stopper and to distinguish it from other hearing problems?
Looks like cerumen

The reasons for the formation of the tube

Devices the ear allows it to self-clean from earwax during chewing or talking. For normal hygiene of the ears is quite enough washing during shower and towel drying. Sometimes people clean the ears with cotton sticks, trying to clean the ear canal, thereby tamping sulfur deeper and causing blockage. Also, blockage may appear in the ear with very narrow and curved ear canal, due to genetic structure.

With frequent traffic jams you must carefully observe the hygiene of the ears and periodically visit the otolaryngologist.

The emergence of cerumen is often caused by excessive production of earwax, which accumulates in the ear canal and literally clog it, significantly impairing hearing and causing tinnitus, accompanied by a sensation of pressure on the inner ear walls. No less influential factors are the viscosity of sulfur, various inflammatory processes in the outer organ of hearing and the low humidity of the air in the room in which dry sulfur jams are formed often.

Description of cerumen

To see the tube you must look deep the ear canal – it will be visible soft mass of yellow, brown or black color, consisting of dead skin epithelium, sebaceous secretion and dead earwax. Also often found epidermoidnyi cerumen formed from the epidermal cells, glued earwax and dried pus. If it is not time to remove, it dries and becomes a very dense, firmly attach to the walls of the ear canal and triggering them the appearance of bedsores.

To effectively get rid of epidermoidnyi tube is possible with instillation into the ear of glycerol with alcohol, which mixture will soften her and make slippery.

There are also pastopodobny and plastilinovye tube, which is more elastic than dry tube and much easier to remove. Hearing loss caused by sulfur jams appears after the moisture on them and they swell, causing the man begins worse to hear, to feel noise in the ears, headache, dizziness, coughing and even nausea. To remove waxy build-up need only otolaryngologist who owns special tools and able to determine whether removal of the accumulation of earwax, because the home to ensure its complete removal impossible.

Advice 5: How to take lipoic acid

Sometimes weight loss is not enough to exercise and follow a particular diet. In most cases, the cause of extra pounds is a violation of metabolism. This is especially true after reaching the age of 30, and then the solution of the problem is the intake of lipoic acid
How to take lipoic acid
Its popularity lipoic acid has earned not thanks to the active, Intrusive advertising companies, and due to its efficiency and numerous positive reviews from those who have already appreciated its advantages, not only as a drug for weight loss, but as a means of normalizing the function of internal organs, improve eyesight and reduce blood sugar.

What is lipoic acid

Lipoic acid is a natural antioxidant, which belongs to the vitamin group B. In medicine this drug is actively used for many years for the treatment of various diseases of the liver, in poisoning, in the treatment of atherosclerosis and polyneuritis, triggered by a constant high level of sugar in human blood.

It is scientifically proven that a certain amount of useful substances produced by the human body itself, part of it comes from foods such as beef, offal and milk (cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, yogurt), rice, cabbage or spinach. But with age, decreased production of lipoic acid and there is a need of its receipt the body not only with food but also a medicinal product. If you do not remedy the lack of lipoic acid in the body, a person has fat deposits in the hips, abdomen, the problem starts with the heart and blood vessels, the malfunction of the nervous and immune systems, decreases the quality of skin, hair and nails.

How to take lipoic acid

Before you start taking lipoic acid, you must undergo a full body examination in a medical facility to identify problems in the body and chronic diseases, to consult a physician and nutritionist. The average daily dose is based on the results of research and tests and only a medical specialist.

An adult and healthy person it is recommended that, as a rule, not more than 50 mg of lipoic acid per day. For weight loss the drug is taken immediately before Breakfast and during the last meal during the day and during vigorous exercise.

Throughout the course of taking lipoic acid should be carefully monitor your body, and if a drug is a failure in his work, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.

Contraindications and side effects

Lipoic acid cannot be taken in any case for pregnant and lactating women, in addition, it is contraindicated to persons under 16 years of age.

In patients receiving lipoic acid can result in such side effects as nausea or vomiting, can begin as diarrhea, appear periodically severe headaches, heartburn. With the appearance of at least one of these symptoms, the drug stop immediately and seek further advice on its use or complete abolishment of the medical specialist.

Advice 6: How to neutralize phytic acid in cereals

As soon as it comes about healthy eating or losing weight, all the first to remember about the benefits of oatmeal. However, due to its high concentration in phytic acid nutritionists advise to drink oatmeal more often than 2 times a week. Because this insidious acid "steals" calcium from the body.
How to neutralize phytic acid in cereals

In fact, phytic acid contained not only in oatmeal. Any whole grains, legumes, raw seeds and nuts, wheat germ abound in this antinutrient. Especially a lot of phytic acid in the bran. I must say that the above are the most useful, healthy foods is essential to everyone. But everything is good in moderation. We proceed to the detriment of phytic acid begins only when accumulated in the body a fair amount.

It interacts, if it failed to neutralize in the process of cooking food, in the intestine with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, and inhibits their absorption by the body. To the above-mentioned, phytic acid inhibits the activity of enzymes that are designed to break down protein.

Therefore, you should think seriously before to go on a strict diet of oatmeal water, beans and raw nuts. As a result, you allow your body to demineralization. However, it is not necessary to panic. You just need to comply with the measure and learn how to cook whole grains. That is, previously to ferment.

Ruminants in the rumen produce a special enzyme - picazo, which promotes better assimilation of phytic acid. The human intestinal microflora also has this ability, but in much smaller amounts. The production of phytase can be activated in the grains that occurs during the long soak (12-24 hours).

But keep in mind that you cannot soak grits before cooking in hot water, because when temperatrue 80 degrees phytase will be destroyed in just 10 minutes, and the effect will be. the water should be komnenoi temperature or 40 degrees. Better the fermentation in an acidic environment, so you can add a few drops of lemon juice or malic acid.

Different grains are able to allocate different amounts of phytase to phytic acid destruction. So, oats, corn, millet, brown rice, even during prolonged soaking is not able to eliminate all the phytic acid. Therefore, you should at least eat these products. And cook them only after daily soaking.


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